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Amazon ImageFor confined space work, H2S gas detector plays a very important role. It ensures safety of people entering a  confined space. As we know that H2S is a toxic gas that can cause instant death at concentration of more than 1,000 ppm.

At concentration of 100 ppm, H2S or hydrogen sulfide causes breathing alteration. So, early detection of H2S build up in the air requires serious attention. It means that H2S gas detector is required to give early warning when it is started to be built up.

H2S gas detector Honeywell BW Technologies GA24XT-H is able to measure H2S gas in the range of 0 to 100 ppm. It starts to alert when it detects H2S of 10 to 15 ppm in the air.

H2s gas detector Honeywell can detect H2S continuously for up to two years without having to recalibrate or replace its battery.

It uses electrochemical cell sensor for detecting H2S in the air.

H2S Gas Detector Honeywell Pros and Cons

The Pros

  1. H2S gas detector Honeywell GA24XT-H can be applied for industrial environment as well as other environments such as home, training, research and natural.
  2. It will only alert H2S gas level without disturbing by other gas measurements.
  3. This H2S gas detector from Honeywell releases audio (95 dB), visual and vibration alarms when it detects H2S gas concentration over the alarm setting. It will be a lot of easier to notice bad situation.
  4. Through the display, it delivers many kind of important information such as high-low alarm set points, alarm level, maximum exposure, self-test status, detector life remaining and time since last maximum exposure.
  5. It can be attached to belt easily since it has back-mounted alligator clip.
  6. It keeps 10 most recent gas exposure events. This data can be transmitted through infra red sensor to thermal printer or to PC through USB adapter.
  7. Powered by lithium battery (non-replaceable). Every two hours, the detector tests the battery to ensure its performance.
  8. Automatic full function self-test to check unit integrity: battery, sensor and circuit.
  9. This H2S gas detector Honeywell complies with European Community (EC), ATEX certification and Underwriter Laboratory (UL).
  10. The unit is small, lightweight and water proof.

The Cons

  1. H2S gas detector Honeywell is a single gas detector. It can only detect H2S, no else. So, you will need to procure other gas detector if naturally there are potentially other toxic gas like CO (carbon monoxide). You need to have carbon monoxide detector too.
  2. You need more time to check air condition before you can start working since you have to use several gas detectors.
  3. Unit life is only two years.

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