Great Textbook About Solid-Liquid Flow Slurry Pipeline

solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline

Solid-liquid mixture is a unique mixture. It requires special attention, especially when we talk about solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline. As of my experience with solid-liquid flow, pipe leakage due to solid substance attack is the most obvious problem.

In my case, solid-liquid mixture are precious metal catalyst and organic liquid.

Pipeline corrosion was the most obvious problem I saw. Plant shut down has to be done several times due to this problem. Recent problem related to this solid-liquid flow is the mixture has caused pump casing and volute to be eroded. And that’s very costly and takes more times to solve.

Another problem that I faced in the past were pipe clogging and not smooth flow due to improper pipe line and distribution designs.

So that’s why there are many things we shall consider about solid-liquid flow in order to design appropriate pipeline.

If you are new to this slurry system, then I am please to show you great textbook about solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline that will give comprehensive study about the system. The book title is Slurry Systems Handbook.

Great Textbook About Solid-Liquid Flow Slurry Pipeline

Amazon ImageThis textbook provides comprehensive understanding about solid-liquid flow slurry system from various perspectives. The book is written by the expert in the field, Baha Abulnaga PE.

He has extensive experiences as design engineer in various manufacturing companies.

You will learn comprehensively about solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline and system. Several main topics that you will find in this Slurry Systems Handbook are

  • Good reference standards from soil classification to pipeline construction.
  • More than 70 examples of practical and design design problems.
  • PC based slurry hydraulics programs.
  • Comparison study about different mathematical models for homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian flows.
  • Various slurry flow systems.
  • Development of mathematical equation for advance research.
  • How to do proper material selection for solid-liquid flow slurry system.
  • Solid-liquid (slurry) transportation and pump detail designs.
  • Design solutions of slurry to the large dams siltation.
  • Hydrotransport feasibility studies.

The Slurry Systems Handbook was firstly published in April 2002 and has 800 pages.

Check the Slurry Systems Handbook on, since you may be lucky to get huge discount. Used ones are sold only for $78.91.

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