Glove Chemical Compatibility Chart

Glove Chemical Compatibility Chart
Wearing right chemical hand glove is critical. Inappropriate choice will lead to chemical attack and accident. In this case, the use of Glove Chemical Compatibility Chart is very important.

A Glove Chemical Compatibility Chart is established by testing glove materials with specific chemical in a laboratory level.

Compatibility is rated by six levels; Excellent (E), Very Good (VG), Good (G), Fair (F), Poor (P) and Not Recommended (NR).

If possible, always choose chemical glove material with Excellent rating. This will make sure safety in operation.

Of course, excellent glove material means nothing if the glove is cut or any physical damage. Replace it immediately.

Glove Chemical Compatibility Chart and Guides

Glove Chemical Resistance Guide from Ansell (downloadable)

Glove Chemical Compatibility Database from Cole-Parmer

Chemical Resistance Guide fromPolymtl

Glove Selection Guide from Berkeley

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