Gas Detector Inspection Checklist

Maintaining gas detector performance is a key factor for safety. To do so, a regular gas detector inspection is required. It is to ensure that gas detector is always in good condition.

Just imagine if you are working under an environment where flammable gases or toxic gases exist. Poorly maintained gas detector may cause you taking wrong decision and endanger your safety.

A gas detector inspection checklist helps us doing this better. It lists mandatory checking items of gas detector inspection. It helps us doing inspection systematically and consistently.

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The following list is gas detector inspection checklist. You can use this as basic reference every time you do this job. In addition, always refer to the user manual when you have doubt.

Gas Detector Inspection Checklist

  • The gas detector is visually in good condition.
  • Its display/monitor is in good condition: no blur, dirt, dust or other defects found.
  • The gas detector is calibrated regularly according to the manual.
  • Calibration certificate is still valid.
  • Calibration certificate is kept in good condition.
  • Calibration technician is certified.
  • If the calibration is done by calibration-service company, it should be accredited by authorized body.
  • Calibration gas meets the standard concentration.
  • Gas detector is kept under room temperature as specified by the manual
  • Standard gas for calibration is always available for emergency requirement
  • The battery is still in good condition
  • Sensor is still under its shelf life
  • Text menu on the unit is still readable
  • Audible and vibration alarms work well
  • Gas detector handle is in good condition
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