Gardner Bender Cable Ties

gardner bender cable ties
Cable ties are used to bunch and organize electric cables or wires. Cable tie is another type of fastener. It is also used to improve safety since there will be no longer untidy cables and wires, which can cause people to fall down.

Gardner Bender cable ties are best cable ties in the market right know. Many users like this product since it is designed with double lock technology, meets military spec, UL listed, wide temperature range (-40 to 185 deg F) and made of fungus inert nylon.

Gardner Bender cable ties are available in several sizes 4″, 6″, 8″, 11″ and so on. Their product series provides all your needs.

Besides, Gardner Bender cable ties also offer heavy-duty cable ties with tensile strength 120 to 175 lbs. This heavy-duty cable tie from Gardner Bender resists to harmful ultra violet and can be used for outdoor purpose.

Garner Bender Cable Ties

Please see the table below that shows a series of Gardner Bender cable ties. Select one that suit with your need.

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