Fume Hood Safety Checklist

fume hud safety practices
Fume hood is an important safety apparatus for laboratory. It protects laboratory workers or analysts from hazardous chemical vapour, gas or aerosol exposures.

But, it does not mean that by installing fume hood you are already safe from those vapour hazards. You still need to make sure that fume hood is already managed in proper way.

A fume hood safety checklist provides a clear safety guidance. With that in hand, you will have a systematic and consistent safety checking items.

You can use the following fume hood safety checklist for your own usage. Any additional item that you think necessary to be included into the checklist can be added accordingly.

Fume Hood Safety Checklist

  • Do laboratory persons know well about the function of fume hood?
  • Do laboratory persons understand how to operate fume hood correctly?
  • If there is more than one fume hood, is each hood labelled for its unique use?
  • Is there any electrical connection inside fume hood?
  • Is there any ignition source inside fume hood?
  • Is there any obstruction in front of fume hood for air entry?
  • Are eye goggle and face shield available for fume hood operation?
  • Does exhaust fan function well?
  • Is maximum quantity of hazardous chemical stored in fume hood already set up?
  • Are all chemical bottles inside fume hood capped?
  • Is fume hood maintained regularly?
  • Is large equipment placed near the rear side of fume hood in order not to block air flow?
  • Is fume hood kept clean, including the sash?
  • Are there any open window, door or fan opened that will introduce air turbulences inside fume hood?
  • Is there any physical damage of fume hood?
  • Is air flow indicator working properly and indicating?
  • Are appropriate safety slogans placed around fume hood?
  • Is sash height 18 inch or less from the working surface and with marking line?
  • Is minimum distance of working area inside fume hood at least 6 inch with clear marking line?
  • Is there any person puts his head into fume hood when vapour is generating?
  • Is fume hood used for waste disposal mechanism?
  • Is the sash kept closed while not in use?
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