Fire Extinguisher For Forklift

fire extinguisher for forklift
Does OSHA require fire extinguisher for forklift? The answer is no. OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard (29 CFR 1910.178) does not mention that forklifts must be equipped with fire extinguisher. But, it is recommended that company provides fire extinguisher for forklift. Here are the reasons.

Even though there is no OSHA forklift fire extinguisher regulations, but placing one fire extinguisher for forklift has many benefits.

Ideally, every employee, including forklift driver, is able to use portable fire extinguisher to put out fire when he or she finds it for the first time. The quicker the better. So, providing fire extinguisher for forklift is very important.

Providing fire extinguisher for forklift is a form of preventive action. Forklift driver can extinguish fire when he sees it anywhere in the plant where he is driving forklift.

The fire extinguisher is not only for the forklift.

Specification of Fire Extinguisher for Forklift

The next question is what kind of fire extinguisher is perfect for this purpose? A multi purpose fire extinguisher is perfect for forklift. The fire extinguisher can be used to put out all kind of fires.

Kidde FA110 is a multi purpose fire extinguisher. It is a dry chemical type fire extinguisher, which is now sold a discounted price of $19.98. You save $23.01.

Kidde FA110 is a best seller product on and gets 4.5 star rating from more than 1100 satisfied users. So, this is your best choice of fire extinguisher for forklift.

But, be sure to have enough size of fire extinguisher locker at the forklift.

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