FDA Standards For Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

fda standard for food grade hydrogen peroxide
Only food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used for food processing. Industrial grade hydrogen peroxide cannot. You can make sure if it is a food grade by checking its label or sticker attached to the packaging.

There are several standards that are used as references for food grade hydrogen peroxide. In the US, Food Drug Association (FDA) has issued FDA standards for food grade hydrogen peroxide.

According to FDA, all hydrogen peroxide used in food processing has to fulfil the specification of the Food and Chemical Codex (21 CFR 178.1005(c) and CFR 184.1366(b)).

The following table shows FDA standards for food grade hydrogen peroxide both 35% and 50%.

FDA Standard for Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 concentration w/w35% or 50%
Acidity (as H2SO4), ppm, max300
Arsenic (As), ppm, max3
Heavy Metals (as Pb), ppm, max10
Iron (Fe), ppm, max0.5
Phosphate (PO4), ppm, max50
Dry Residue, ppm, max60
Tin (Sn), ppm, max10


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