Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze MSDS

ethylene glycol antifreeze msds
Recently, a new refrigerator was installed in my plant site. This refrigerator obtains chilled water with supply temperature of 5 degree of centigrade. This temperature dictates the use of ethylene glycol as the antifreeze in cooling media.

Reading ethylene glycol antifreeze MSDS is the first thing to do before I start to operate the unit in order to ensure safety.

How about you? Do you also use ethylene glycol as anti-freezing agent? If yes, make sure that you have read the ethylene glycol antifreeze MSDS.

Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze MSDS

Ethylene glycol grade that is usually used for anti-freezing agent is industrial grade, where the purity is 100%.

Here are ethylene glycol antifreeze MSDS that are ready to download:

Ethylene Glycol MSDS from Chemtrec

Ethylene Glycol MSDS from Honeywell

Ethylene Glycol MSDS from Shell

Ethylene Glycol MSDS from JP Morgan

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