Drum Pump With Totalizer Review

drum pump with totalizer
Liquid chemical transfer is best carried out with pump and flow meter. But, sometimes this operation cannot be done because of several reasons. The main cause generally comes from available packaging type. Drum and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) are two main packaging types used for chemical product these days.

Fortunately, there is a solution for such operation problem. We can use motorized drum pump with totalizer and digital flow meter to transfer liquid chemical from drum, IBC or small vessel.

By using this equipment, transfer job can be done easily and at the same time we can adjust the flow rate and know how many litre we have transferred the chemical liquid at once.

Action Pump 55 Gallon Centrifugal Drum Pump Kit 7500 is  a drum pump with totalizer and digital flow meter. This drum pump can be used for many kind of chemicals such as concentrated acid and alkali, sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide and nitric acid.

Main Features of Drum Pump With Totalizer and Digital Flow Meter From Action Pump

This drum pump is designed to provide safety while transferring various kind of chemicals. This is the right choice for industrial uses.

Here are the main features of this Motorized Drum Pump with totalizer and digital flow meter from Action Pump:

  • Construction material: carbon, hasteloy, polypropylene, PVC and viton.
  • Gives excellent chemical resistance against corrosive liquid or chemicals
  • Can be used to transfer chemicals from drum, small storage tanks and vessels.
  • Built in digital flow meter and totalizer
  • Allowable maximum flow is 15 gpm
  • 2 inches length of PVC tubing for dispensing hose
  • Its storage bracket is made from 16 gauge coated steel
  • Variable speed electric motor, 110 V
  • Centrifugal pump type
  • Other accessories: wall storage bracket, barrel adapter, hose clamp

Visit this link to check the price of this drum pump with totalizer and flow meter. If you are lucky, you can save up to 40%. Yes, 40% discount.

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