Dew Point Meter For Compressed Air

Reliable pneumatic control system in a chemical plant processing plant can be obtained only if high quality compressed air is supplied for the system. High quality compressed air has a very low water content as described by ISA standard instrument air quality.

A compressed air dryer is usually already completed with water content indicator. A silica gel is generally used for this purpose. It uses the concept of colour changing for indicating good compressed air quality.

However, a verification is still required. Water content measurement from a compressed air flow should be done regularly to inspect compressed air quality.

Dew point meter can be used as the tool for water content measurement from a compressed air flow. Pyle Mini Humidity Meter PTHM 15 is a dew point meter that can measure dew point from -4 to 176 degree F.

Pyle Mini Humidity Meter PTHM15 is an ideal tool for spot checking of compressed air quality that is supplied to instrument control system in the chemical plant. It is equipped with sensing probe for reaching a relatively hard to reach sample point.

What are the other winning features of Pyle Mini Humidity Meter PTHM15 as a dew point meter for compressed air? Just keep reading this review to know them.

Pyle PTHM15 Dew Point Meter for Compressed Air

Here are the features of Pyle Mini Humidity Meter PTHM15:

  • High accuracy and reliable
  • Handheld meter, easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight (181 grams)
  • Dual display temperature and humidity
  • Fast response
  • Data hold function
  • Battery operated (lithium, 9V)

To get more information about this dew point meter for compressed air, click here.

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