The Ultimate Lists of Cooling Tower Sizing Calculator

cooling tower sizing calculator
Cooling tower sizing is a preliminary step that should be completed before proceeding to detail cooling tower design. Cooling tower sizing is also important for an existing cooling tower to check its performance or at least to calculate its water balances.

I have collected 7 cooling tower sizing calculators that can be used for the above-mentioned goals. All of those calculators are online, which you can use freely without downloading.

But, please remember that each cooling tower sizing calculator will result in approximate value for estimation only. Detail technical calculation should be done by cooling tower specialist.

The approximation will obtain better results if you consider also cooling tower sizing rule of thumb.

Cooling Tower Sizing Calculator

Before using the below calculators for cooling tower, the first thing that you need to determine is your goal; whether it is to determine cooling tower tonnage, bulb temperature, water consumption, or complete sizing.

If you already have it on your head, just go ahead.

Cooling tower make up calculator
This tool is owned by Input data that you need to know are circulating flow, inlet temperature to the cooling tower, outlet temperature and wet bulb temperature.

Water usage calculator for a cooling tower
You can estimate the quantity of water usage for a cooling tower in detail: evaporation, drift, blowdown, and total usage by inputting operating conditions of the cooling tower.

Wet bulb temperature calculator
If you don’t know how to calculate wet bulb temperature for a given cooling water condition, then this is the perfect tool to use. Try this calculator for free. And you will get the wet bulb temperature just in few seconds.

Cooling tower duty
Use this simple calculator to determine tonnage duty for a cooling tower.

Cooling tower sizing
A cooling tower sizing calculator from Delta Cooling Towers Inc.

Quick cooling tower sizing
If you need a quick cooling tower sizing, this tool is perfect. Tower Tech Inc will give you a cooling tower design according to your country.

Cooling Tower Calculator
Maybe this is the most satisfied cooling tower sizing calculators among the above calculators. This tool is created by TRS Incorporated.

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