Important Facts About Cooling Tower Blowdown

cooling tower blowdown
Water consumption is one of the costly materials that a cooling tower consumes continuously. Water consumption or loss in cooling tower can be caused by evaporation, wind flow, leakage and blowdown. Cooling water blowdown is responsible for the biggest water consumption from a cooling tower.

Because of that reason, it is very reasonable to focus on cooling tower blowdown to control its total operating cost. In order to have a clear understanding about cooling tower blowdown, below are some important facts about cooling tower blowdown that needs to be clearly understood.

Important Facts About Cooling Tower Blowdown That You Need To Know

Fact No.1
Cooling towerblowdown is defined as the portion of the circulating water flow that is removed in order to keep the concentration of dissolved solids and other impurities at an acceptable level in cooling water.

Fact No.2
Cooling tower blowdown is also called by bleed water.

Fact No.3
Cooling water blowdown flow rate is controlled by the amount of dissolved solid in cooling water. More blowdown is required if dissolved solid amount is higher.

Fact No.4
Cooling tower blowdown is usually dumped into wastewater line.

Fact No.5
Besides minerals, cooling tower blowdown may also contain algae, bacteria, pathogen and toxic chemicals.

Fact No.6
Its mineral content is higher than industrial water by 2~5 times. But, it is still possible to be reused for other purposes.

Fact No.7
Insufficient blowdown from cooling tower will cause scaling formation in the system and bad water quality.

Fact No.8
Cooling tower blowdown rate is inversely proportional to cycle of concentration.

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