Why You Need Chemical Splash Resistant Goggles?

Chemical splash hazard is hazard that is associated with chemical handling, transferring or sampling. Only chemical splash resistant goggles can protect your eyes from this hazard.

Unlike ordinary safety goggles, chemical splash resistant goggles has the ability to avoid chemical that is splashed to contact with the eyes since it covers the eyes and their surrounding tightly. There is no clearance between goggle with the face.

If you are still using ordinary safety goggle, it had better to change them with chemical splash resistant goggles. They will give better eye protection against chemical splash hazard.

Here is the best chemical splash resistant goggle that you can buy from GlobalIndustrial.com.

ERB 15147 – The Best Chemical Splash Resistant Goggle

chemical splash resistant goggles
ERB 15147 is chemical splash resistant goggle with fog-free lens feature. There are 4 vents available to avoid fog formation during wearing this goggle; two at the top and two at the bottom.

With fog-free lens you will feel convenient as long as you are wearing the chemical splash resistant goggle. Your eyes will not be painful. This is very important for your safety and productivity as well.

Beside fog-free lens, ERB 15147 has other great features as I am describing below:

  • Clear polycarbonate lens
  • Optimum optical lens with minimum distortion
  • Lens thickness 0.064 inch
  • Soft vinyl frame
  • Comes with elastic strap
  • Fulfils ANSI Z87.1-1989 high impact requirements
  • Light weight, 0.2 pound

ERB 15147 is sold in package of 24. To check the current price, you can visit GlobalIndustrial.com.

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