Chemical Plant Accidents Case Study You Must Learn

chemical plant accidents case study
There is a good safety slogan that has attracted my attention. It talks about chemical plant accident. Here is what the slogan says “Don’t let other learn safety from you”.

For me, it states that never allow accident happens in the workplace. If it happens, others will learn safety from that. Others will be able to avoid such accident in their workplace by learning why it happens and how to avoid such accident.

So, never stop learning safety from chemical plant accidents that have happened out there. There are many safety lessons we can take from those accidents without having to get suffering.

In this post, I would like to share with you chemical plant accidents case study, which will give you good safety lessons.  Please read the case study carefully. After that, see safety condition in your workplace and take a sheet of paper. Write down what items you can improve in your workplace and make a simple report in order for you to state your action plan.

Chemical Plant Accidents Case Study You Must Learn

Amazon ImageChemical Plant Explosion at Terra Industries Inc, Nitrogen Fertilizer Facility, Port Neal Iowa, December 3, 1994

Philips Petroleum Chemical Plant Explosion and Fire, Pasadena, Texas, October 23, 1989

Chemical Accidents From Electric Power Outages at Bauxite to Alumina Plant, Gramercy, Louisiana, July 1999

Explosion and Fire at Accra Pac Group Inc, a Pressurized Container Plant, Indiana, June 24, 1997

Catastrophic Rupture of Heat Exchanger at Tesoro Anacortes Refinery, April 2, 2010

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