Chemical Engineering Books For Beginners

If you are new to chemical engineering field or senior high school students who want to get chemical engineering degree, then the books that I review here is for you. Those books are chemical engineering books for beginners.

Amazon ImageThe first book is The Beginner’s Guide to Chemical Engineering. It is designed to give a very simple explanation, non-technical introduction to chemical engineering fields for people with no experience in the field. This book will introduce various concepts in chemical engineering field without complex mathematical approaches.

Amazon ImageThe second book is Oxford’s Dictionary of Chemical Engineering. This dictionary is written by a professional chemical engineer, Professor Carl Schaschke, who lead the department of Chemical & Process Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

Oxford’s Dictionary of Chemical Engineering consists of more than 3,400 terms used in chemical engineering field that covers various topics such as material and energy balance, safety, sustainability, reaction, separations and so on.

Those two books will provide a very basic concepts and terms used in chemical engineering field. So, that’s why they are chemical engineering books for beginners.

Chemical Engineering Books for Beginners Specifications

 The Beginner's Guide to Engineering: Chemical EngineeringA Dictionary of Chemical Engineering
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 14, 2013)Oxford Paperback Reference
Shipping weight15.5 ounces11.4 ounces


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