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industrial accidents involving heat exchanger

In last June 2008, an industrial accident involving heat exchanger occurred at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Houston, Texas. The heat exchanger ruptured and released toxic chemical, ammonia, and caused one employee died. Another five employees got injured due to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Best Kidde Fire Extinguishers Review

Multi purpose fire extinguisher offers high flexibility in utilization. If you use such type of fire extinguisher like , you can easily exchange one to another, when you find one fire extinguisher empty or should be replaced due to any … Continue reading

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15 Scaffolding Safety Precautions You Must Know

Falling from height is one of the obvious hazards from scaffolding operation. Some scaffolding safety precautions need to be done to prevent injury and death. These must be completed before any scaffolding operation started. Every worker who involves in scaffolding … Continue reading

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5 Nitrogen Gas Safety Hazards You Should Know

Nitrogen is a multi purpose gas for the chemical industry. It is used extensively as raw material such as in ammonia production. It is also used as blanketing gas in flammable liquid storage tank. Nitrogen gas is used to remove … Continue reading

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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Explosion – 3 Case Studies

Nitrogen is stored in the tank in the liquid state. It requires a special tank to be safely stored. A liquid nitrogen tank is constructed with two layers of shell, with a very low vacuum between those two layers of … Continue reading

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H2S Gas Detector Honeywell

For confined space work, H2S gas detector plays a very important role. It ensures safety of people entering a  confined space. As we know that H2S is a toxic gas that can cause instant death at concentration of more than … Continue reading

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