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safety shoes for electrical hazards

Before doing any electrical work, you have to make sure that electric power is already turned off and you have done the lockout-tagout procedures. Besides, you have to make sure that you already use electrical-insulating gloves and . Safety shoes … Continue reading Continue reading

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Fire Extinguisher for Electrical Fires

Be careful when you need to provide fire extinguisher for electrical fires. Buying wrong type of fire extinguisher will be very danger since it will cause fire become bigger. Electrical fire is classified into C type fire. This kind of … Continue reading

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Industrial Accidents 2015

Every industrial accident that we hear or read might leave very important safety lesson that we could learn from. Unfortunately, most of us only read it as a news, not as safety lessons. There were several industrial accidents 2015 that happened in … Continue reading

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TPI 721 Combustible Gas Leak Detector with LCD Display

Safety patrol is one of the safety monitoring ways in chemical plant operation. In general, it is done to recognize any potential hazard or hazard since the beginning before it turns into real accident. Checking combustible gas leak such as … Continue reading

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How Often Should Safety Shoes Be Replaced?

How often should safety shoes be replaced? There is no exact single answer for this question. Why? It is because there are many things that should be considered when we will decide the frequency. If we mistake to judge this, … Continue reading

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Best Kidde Fire Extinguishers Review

Multi purpose fire extinguisher offers high flexibility in utilization. If you use such type of fire extinguisher like , you can easily exchange one to another, when you find one fire extinguisher empty or should be replaced due to any … Continue reading

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