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Oxygen Gas Detector for Confined Space

Adequate oxygen availability is a key for jobs in confined space. Jobs under such circumstance are not allowed to be started before safe oxygen level fulfilled. To measure oxygen level for those jobs, we use .  can be either single … Continue reading Continue reading

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Wireless H2S Gas Detector

Wireless H2S gas detector provides a real-time monitoring where the result can be accessed from any location. H2S or hydrogen sulfide monitoring is very important for a confined space work supervision. It is because H2S can result fatality to human … Continue reading

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Safety Helmet With Face Shield

protects the entire face including the eyes from chemical splash and impact hazards such as flying object, particles and large chips. If you are taking chemical liquid sample from a pump, then an eye goggle will not be enough for … Continue reading

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Best First Aid Burn Cream Packets for The First Aid Box

If you have no regular checking period on your First Aid box contents, then you probably will face with difficulty when someone get hurt when he or she is doing his/her job. So, it is very important to make sure … Continue reading

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Chemical Splash Goggles For Sale

Are you looking for chemical splash goggles for this year budget? Now is the perfect time to buy them since now you will find the information about chemical splash goggles for sale at here. I just pick up top 3 … Continue reading

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Fire Extinguisher For Forklift

Does OSHA require fire extinguisher for forklift? The answer is no. OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard (29 CFR 1910.178) does not mention that forklifts must be equipped with fire extinguisher. But, it is recommended that company provides fire extinguisher for … Continue reading

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