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Cost Reduction Ideas in Companies

This article is talking about cost reduction ideas in companies. It will tell you how you can find ideas to reduce cost in your company. In ideal condition, cost reduction program should be initiated from the first commercial operation of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Precious Metal Price Trends

Precious metal price trends are major considerations we should get before deciding to purchase precious metal catalyst for your production process. Such trends give you clear information about the right time to purchase metal catalyst at a lower price, when … Continue reading

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How to Get Oil Price Up to Date

It is no doubt that  has big influence against various cost contributors for chemical processing plants. Raw materials, auxiliary materials, spare parts and transportation cost are some costs that are directly correlated with . Because of that reason, people are … Continue reading

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Cooling Tower Operating Costs

Basically,  cost can be divided into two parts, operating costs and maintenance cost. In this article we will only talk about cooling tower operating costs. After reading this article, you will be able to recognize cooling tower operating costs one … Continue reading

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