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20′ Dry Container Dimensions You Should Know

20' dry container dimensions
A 20′ Container

If you export chemical products or deliver them across island in your country, then you should be familiar with 20 feet container or even 40 feet container. Knowing exactly 20’ dry container dimensions is a must in order to optimize container content.

I remembered when I carried out this work for the first time several years ago. And at the end of this post, I will show you how you should arrange your contents (200 liter drums, 100 liter drums, or whatever packaging size you use) inside 20’ dry container.

Now, let’s begin with 20’ dry container dimensions.

20’ Dry Container Dimensions

First of all, I will make things clear. 20’ dry container dimensions can be defined as exterior dimensions and interior dimensions.

According to, a 20’ dry container volume is 33.2 cubic meter. It comes from its interior dimensions:

  • Width: 2,352 mm
  • Height: 2,395 mm
  • Length: 5,898 mm

Meanwhile, its exterior dimensions (even though it is not so important for most of us as user) are:

  • Width: 2,440 mm
  • Height: 2,600 mm
  • Length: 6,058 mm

Example of 20’ Dry Container Usage

You can make rough calculation in order to check how many 200 liter steel drums can be carried by a 20’ container. A standard 200 liter steel drum has outside diameter of 585 mm (JIS Z1600 steel open head drum).

By calculation it can carry 80 pieces of 200 liter steel drums. My real experience shows the same number too.

Each raw contains 8 drums. Totally, there are 10 raw inside 20′ container.

The same number also applies for 220 liter plastic drum with wooden pallet. Wooden pallet dimensions are 1150 x 1150 mm, and height 100 mm. One pallet content is 4 drums.

Another Information about 20’ Dry Container You Need to Know

There is another consideration you need take care when you are trying to use 20’  container.

You need to consider dry container weight and maximum load weight (20’ dry container and the contents) before shipping.

According to, 20’ dry container weight is 2,170-2,385 kg, and maximum load weight is 28,095-28,310 kg.

Of course each country, port and shipping service have different regulation about maximum gross weight of 20’ container.

In simple word, consider dry weight and gross weight as long as 20’ dry container dimensions before shipping in order to get optimum results at the lowest freight cost.

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