Practical Guide: Cartridge Filter Specification

cartridge filter selection
Cartridge filter selection process must be done carefully. Otherwise, there will be a chance for a new problem arising in the process. Selecting the correct cartridge filter specification is very important.

This selection process does not include cartridge filter housing design. It is assumed that you have designed it appropriately.

Selecting the correct cartridge filter specification must be first started from knowing the flowing fluid properties both chemical and physical.

Cartridge Filter Specification

I have long year experiences dealing with cartridge filter selection. Using many type and brands of cartridge filters have enabled me to select the best cartridge filter for every application with different process conditions.

But, this did not mean that I had no failure. Failed start-up was the biggest problem I faced due to improper cartridge filter selection.

The following parameters are I usually used to buy right cartridge filter:

  1. Material compatibility of cartridge filter with fluid being handled
  2. Maximum and minimum process temperature and pressure
  3. Cartridge filter design: grooved, pleated, melt-blown, etc.
  4. Rating: absolute of nominal
  5. Pore size in micron
  6. Diameter of cartridge filter
  7. Length of cartridge filter
  8. Cartridge filter gasket design
  9. Special treatment before cartridge filter is used, such as dipped in detergent solution, etc. This will be dictated with process need.
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