Canned Pump vs Centrifugal

When you need to decide which pump type you should choose canned pump or centrifugal pump, you should consider some factors that will affect your selection. Canned pump vs centrifugal review is really important in this case.

canned pump

Example of Canned Pump Drawing

This article is specially written to explain the canned pump vs centrifugal pump. It is created to make clear about these two pumps. Therefore you can make your choice after everything is clear.

Canned pump has advantages over centrifugal pump. The following items can describe about its advantage upon centrifugal pump.

centrifugal pump

Example of Centrifugal Pump Drawing

Canned Pump vs Centrifugal

I do not write it down in two columns to explain canned pump vs centrifugal. I describe canned pump advantages only. In case of centrifugal pump, it is reverse the explanation of canned pump.

Canned pump has no mechanical seals.
There is no potential seal leakage. So, potential process trouble due to mechanical seal problem is nothing. This is especially important when toxic, hazardous, expensive, corrosive or carcinogenic subtance is handled.

It requires no external lubrication.
No external lubrication is required for motor and bearing. Cooling and lubrication for motor and bearings are provided by pumped fluid. No lubrication level monitoring or inspection is needed.

Canned pump is designed compactly.
It has single motor and pump combination. It means there is no need for alignment and miss-alignment is zero. In addition, because its weight is less than sealed pump then special foundation is not required.

It runs with low noise level.
Lower noise level is one of the advantage of canned pump. It has less rotating parts such as coupled shafts, gland packing and bearing pedestal as well as no motor cooling fans as in centrifugal pump. Meanwhile, compact design makes all rotating parts of the pump installed in a thick shell container, which dampers noise.

Canned pump is sealed.
Canned motor pump is ideal for process vacuum condition and for liquid that be affected by the atmosphere.

Requires less maintenance time
Because all of the pump parts are designed to be easily changed and less parts assembled, so it requires less maintenance time. And its maintenance or repair can also be done at site or field.

The above explanation about canned pump vs centrifugal could make you clear and you will be easier to make decision on which pump you should use. To learn more about canned pump you click here.

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