Budgit Chain Hoist 3 Ton

budgit hoist
Are you looking for chain hoist with capacity of 3 ton? Budgit chain hoist 3 ton could be able to fulfill your necessity. This Budgit hoist is used for heavy duty work.

Budgit chain hoist 3 ton complies with ASME/ANSI B30.16 standard. It is a common chain host used in chemical manufacturing plants.

Budgit Chain Hoist 3 Ton Features

Here are the complete features of Budgit chain hoist 3 ton:

  1. Air chain hoist is for heavy duty work with mechanical load brake.
  2. It is constructed from yellow enamel finish.
  3. The capacity is 6,000 lbs or 3 ton.
  4. Lifting height capacity 10 ft with lift speed 0 -4 feet per minute (FPM).
  5. Part numbers of chain is 3.
  6. Size and dimension: Housing Length 18 5/16 In, Housing Width 15 In, Overall Length 18 5/16 In, Overall Width 16 1/2 In, Inlet Size 3/4 In NPT
  7. It requires 90 psi air pressure with consumption 70 SCFM.
  8. It has pendant control with 360 degree rotating hook suspension.
  9. Its noise level is a little bit high, 96 dB.
  10. Gears are enclosed in oil bath-lubricant.

Learn more about Budgit chain hoist 3 ton by clicking here.

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