Best Chin Straps for MSA Hard Hats

chin straps for MSA hard hats
This short article is aimed to provide information about chin straps for MSA hard hats. Basically, chin strap is required in order to keep hard hat on worker’s head as long as it is being used by the worker.

According to OSHA Part 1915, Part Title Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment, Sub Part I, Sub Part Title Personal Protective Equipment, Non-mandatory Guidelines for Hazard Assessment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selection, and PPE Training Program, it is described that

(b) In addition, proper fitting of hard hats is important to ensure that the hard hat will not fall off during work operations. In some cases a chin strap may be necessary to keep the hard hat on an employee’s head. (Chin straps should break at a reasonably low force to prevent a strangulation hazard). Where manufacturer’s instructions are available, they should be followed carefully.

Best Chin Straps for MSA Hard Hats

Without chin strap, hard hat may not provide full protection for the user. It is because hard hat can be easily detached from user’s head when he or she changes his head too fast or climbs to a higher position.

The following image show best chin straps for MSA hard hats. They are available for sale on right now.

Chin Straps for MSA Hard Hats

It is recommended to have at least 10% or more as minimum stock of chin straps for MSA hard hats. The number may need to be higher if the damage rate is higher.

Do not forget to inspect regularly condition of each chin strap in order to make sure that everyone uses good chin straps for MSA hard hats.

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