Ball Valve vs Globe Valve – 2

Most of you may have a lot of experiences in procuring, installing, repairing or operating ball valve and globe valve. But, did you know that which is actually better?

And did you know that which one will you choose for a specific purpose? Suppose regulating flow, blocking flow or directing flow?

Find out the answer below. You will see differences between ball valve and globe valve (ball valve vs globe valve).

Ball Valve vs Globe Valve

Ball valve: uses a ball to stop the flow
Globe valve: uses a stem or plug to stop the flow

Application field
Ball valve: for on-off valve
Globe valve: for regulating flow

Close-off rating
Ball valve: excellent
Globe valve: lower

Closing velocity
Ball valve: quick
Globe valve: slower

How to operate
Ball valve: by a quarter-turn lever
Globe valve: by wheel-operation

Easier to operate
Ball valve: yes
Globe valve: no

Recognition on open-close position
Ball valve: easy to recognize
Globe valve: no

Installation flexibility
Ball valve: limited
Globe valve: better

Ball valve: higher
Globe valve: lower

Pressure drop
Ball valve: lower
Globe valve: higher

Video Animation About Valve Types


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