6 Worst Industrial Accidents That Involved Ammonia Explosion from 2002 to 2013

Amazon ImageRecently, a tragedy was happen in Texas, US, where an ammonia plant exploded and killed many people. Indeed, we have to learn something from this tragedy and this should shock all of us about the danger of ammonia explosion.

Ammonia explosion is very serious and had happened in various kinds of industries including chemical industry.

At least 6 worst industrial accident that involved ammonia explosion I already noted. And today I bring them here in order to show you how danger ammonia is.

Today I write history of ammonia explosions and they leaved many safety lessons that we could learn from.

Ammonia Explosion Record from 2002 to 2013

35 killed in Texas plant explosion, Texas, US, 17 April 2013

Blast at Vatva ammonia plant kills one, India, 12 April 2010.
The accident occurred when a vessel emitting ammonia gas burst, damaging the factory premises.

Two killed in Slim Jim plant explosion in North Carolina, US, 10 June 2009
This accident was happened at Con Agra Plant, a meat processing plant.

Six injured in Houston plant blast, ammonia leak, US, 11 June 2008
The explosion happened in an ammonia heat exchanger, to cool process liquid. The plant produces synthetic rubber in this plant.

Ammonia plant blast at Billingham was followed by a fire involving mixed gases, UK, 1 June 2006.

Ammonia explosion kills worker, Salt Lake City, US, 12 April 2003
The explosion ruptured an ammonia tank with capacity 40,000 pounds.

Understand Why Ammonia Explosion Can Happen

ammonia explosion
Good understanding on ammonia nature and characteristic is the first thing you should make effort for it. You have to completely understand this before starting to work with ammonia.

To learn more about nature of ammonia from its MSDS and video tutorial.

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