55 Gallon Plastic Drum Review

55 gallon plastic drum for sale
55 gallon plastic drum is common packaging that is used for storing water, solid material or liquid chemicals. In chemical industry55 gallon plastic drum is especially used as packaging for various kinds of chemicals due to its perfect chemical resistant.

What we are talking about in this article is 55 gallon polyethylene drum or 55 gallon PE drum, which is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE).

In general, there are two kinds of 55 gallon plastic drum open (removable head) and closed (non-removable head) top. Closed top type is used as packaging for liquid chemical. It has 2 drum plugs, 2″ NPT and 3/4″ NPT. But, some of them may have only one plug.

Removable head type is commonly used for solid material such as catalyst.

UN Code for 55 Gallon Plastic Drum

According to UN code for packaging Part, 55 gallon plastic drum codes are 1H1 and 1H2. 1H1 is code for non-removable head and 1H2 for removable head.

The term H refer to packaging material type. H refers to plastic material.

And based on its dangerous level (packing group), chemical can be divided into three groups.

Packing Group I: greatest danger
Packing Group II: medium danger
Packing Group III: least danger

A letter is also marked on 55 gallon plastic drum designating to those Packing group.

X for Packing Group I, II and III
Y for Packing Group II and III
Z for Packing Group III only

Relative density of chemical will also affect the necessity of plastic drum strength. For example, if chemical relative density is 1.2 and classified into Packing Group II, then 55 gallon plastic drum with code Y1.2 is enough for that chemical.

How to Buy The Right 55 Gallon Plastic Drum

This is the most important part of this article. In this paragraph, we will learn how to buy the right 55 gallon plastic drum for your need. This especially important when you are going to export your product across nations.

Please follow the following steps to buy the right 55 gallon plastic drum:

  1. Determine packaging group of chemical you will fill into the drum.
  2. Determine relative density of the chemical.  The relative density is at ambient temperature. (example: 1.2)
  3. UN code for the 55 gallon plastic drum with non-removable head should be UN 1H1/Y1.2/…
  4. Don’t forget to ask valid Certificate of Packaging Performance for that 55 gallon plastic drum. This certificate shows  test report of the drum according to UN requirement part to

General Problem with Plastic Drums

As of my experience dealing with plastic drum, not only 55 gallon plastic drum, there are several general problem that may be out of your consideration.

Those problems include:

  • Venting system. If liquid chemical inside the drum has low vapor pressure then you should make sure that it works well. Individual test for each venting system is of importance.
  • Drum material. Polyethylene as the base material of plastic drum may cause decomposition or reaction with its content. If this happen product quality degradation may occur. A prior conditioning of inside of drum shell may be required for certain substance or product.

55 Gallon Plastic Drum for Sale

The following table show you 55 gallon plastic drum for sale in the market. You can buy those drums through online store too such as via Amazon.com.

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