3 New Biofuel Plant From Waste USA and Canada

Amazon ImageToday, I read a few stories about new biofuel plant from waste. At least I noticed two new biofuel plant from waste that will be built in the near future and another one is going to be operated commercially.

Those biofuel plant from waste are located in USA and Canada. They utilize various kinds of solid wastes as their raw materials such agricultural residues, woody biomass, household trash, landfill waste, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste and waste gases from industrial processes.

Each biofuel plant from waste uses different processing technology, which shows different advantages.

New Biofuel Plant From Waste

Here is the list of  new biofuel plant from waste that I found today morning:

  • Biofuel plant from agricultural residues and woody biomass will be built in South Carolina by using PROESA technology from Biochemtex. The plant design capacity is 20 million gallons of biofuel per year. Read the story.
  • Biofuel plant from household waste is going to be operated commercially by Enarkem in Edmonton. This plant processes raw material into biofuel through new catalytic process, which is developed by Enarkem and University of Sherbrooke. Read the story.
  • Concord Blue and LanzaTech have dealt to construct new biofuel plant in Georgia by using landfill waste, sewage sludge and various gas streams. Read the story.

Did you know that biofuel can also be produced from algae? To learn about algae biofuel, you can read my previous post here.

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