220L Plastic Drum Dimensions

220L plastic drum dimensions
220L plastic drum is widely used as packaging in chemical distribution. It is usually placed on wooden or plastic pallet to make it easy to carry by forklift into truck or dry container. Each pallet consists of four drums.

In general, 220L plastic drum dimensions are almost same from one manufacturer to others. So, one pallet will still cover four drums.

For example, if we use 20 feet dry container for carrying those drums, it will be able to convey 80 pieces of 220L plastic drums.

Below is 220L plastic drum dimensions from a famous supplier in Asia Pacific.

220L Plastic Drum Dimensions

Height: 925 mm

Diameter: 590 mm

Mouth opening threaded: 65

Mouth opening clear: 57

Tare weight: 9.5 kg

Capacity: 220L

Type: Closed head

UN Code: 1H1/Y1.4/200/…


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