20 Tips for Good Warehouse Management Practices

how to manage warehouse in a better way
Warehouse holds one important role in every business operation including in chemical manufacturing plant. It is because good warehouse management will make sure customer satisfaction fulfilment by company.

Production process, product quality and finished goods delivery will have no problem as long as good warehouse management practices are always done in proper ways.

There will be no delay delivery or production process interruption due to lack of finished goods or unavailable raw materials. Good warehouse management practices help company to run its business smoothly.

As a warehouse manager, you are required to apply good warehouse management practices into your daily job. The following tips will help you managing warehouse in a better and efficient way.

20 Tips for Good Warehouse Management Practices

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  1. Utilize advanced shipping notification (ASN). By utilizing this system, order shipping and its expected arrival times will be notified in advance.
  2. Organize warehouse space or zone based on pick type.
  3. Supplier compliance program helps evaluating supplier performance in fulfilling order and meeting delivery schedule as per your need.
  4. Provide special room for material receiving with enough space. This room should be separated from storage room or area.
  5. Have a reliable quality and quantity control procedure.
  6. Warehouse productivity, accuracy and efficiency could be improved if automatic collection data technology is implemented correctly. It is much reliable than manual recording.
  7. Most unplanned material picking is not good. Make sure that you have provided pre-planned picking operation.
  8. Design picking location as closest as possible to shipping or delivery point to reduce picking time. This can only be achieved with good warehouse layout.
  9. Always record every material or goods movement from and into warehouse as a transaction, including returns. Never delay this record due to any reason.
  10. Physical counting program is required. But, implementing ongoing cycle count program cuts time and cost at the same time.
  11. Change hard copy pick ticket with hand-held RF, pick to light or voice recognition technology. This enables reducing errors and increasing efficiency.
  12. Evaluate regularly warehouse space use to maximize space use. This includes re-slotting evaluation based on fast-moving items.
  13. Always improve safety of the overall warehouse operation. If the company has implemented safety management system that will be much easier.
  14. Create ideal working condition inside warehouse for better productivity: enough lights, no slippery floor, good ventilation (if applicable) and so on.
  15. Measure periodically performance of warehouse labours. It enables you to do necessary improvement.
  16. Labour skills and habit are very important in running productive warehouse operation. Establish a good training for all labours.
  17. Always make inventory data up to date.
  18. Minimize un-authorized traffic to avoid unintended operation inside warehouse.
  19. Establish an optimum minimum stock or inventory by considering many factors such warehouse space, delivery time of materials, consumption rate and so on.
  20. Always keep warehouse clean. Implement 5S is better.
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