10 Safety Tips For Chemical Handling

Amazon ImageGood chemical handling skill in chemical plant operation is a mandatory skill for every plant operator in the plant. This does not only relate with the product but also other chemicals used in the plant. In general, there will be various chemicals with different characteristic that should be handled in daily operation, from utility chemicals to product additives.

So, it is very essential to know how to handle those chemical safely. The following safety tips for chemical handling will give you general guidelines and rules. Those can be applied for any kind of chemical. But, my big concern is handling hazardous chemicals, which have high risks than others.

10 Safety Tips for Chemical Handling

The following safety tips for chemical handling apply for any kind of chemical:

  1. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) first. Understand main hazards of the chemical and the target organ.
  2. Less handling is safer. Make Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that requires less chemical handling.
  3. Never use chemical without unclear or missing label.
  4. Never mix two chemicals or more without unclear or missing label.
  5. Store each chemical separately with enough clearance.
  6. Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling chemicals.
  7. Provide storage area with enough ventilation
  8. Never allow untrained person for handling chemical
  9. Keep ignition or heat source away from chemical storage
  10. Only person in charge can enter chemical storage area
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