Perry Chemical Engineering Handbook Kindle Edition

Amazon ImageAre you still keeping Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook printed edition? Now, I bring a good news for you. You could have Perry Chemical Engineering Handbook kindle edition. Some people like this new edition very much. I believe that you would be the next.

It is now getting 4 star rating on

It is much more simple and you can reference to quickly it when you need as professional chemical engineer or chemical engineering students. [Read more...]

Magliner Hand Trucks Review

This article will review Magliner hand trucks. Hand trucks are moving equipments that are commonly used for moving many kinds of goods. You can use this for moving documents to spare-parts.

Magliner has released many hand trucks with several options that can be selected to meet your needs. Magliner hand trucks will help you fulfill your hand trucks needs.

In general, there are two kinds of Magliner hand trucks, i.e. convertible hand trucks and nonconvertible hand trucks. Convertible Magliner hand trucks can be used horizontally or vertically when it brings load.

Nonconvertible Magliner hand trucks can only be used vertically. Please look at the image below to see both Magliner hand trucks types.

magliner hand trucks

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How to Reduce Cooling Tower Water Consumption

how to reduce cooling tower water consumption
Water consumption is one of the most important aspects of a cooling tower operation. It contributes significantly to overall cooling tower operating cost beside electric and chemical costs.

To optimize water consumption, all you need to know is water consumption details in a cooling tower. When you know this well, then it will be a lot of easier for you to reduce cooling tower water consumption.

This article is purposed to provide practical tips on how to reduce cooling tower water consumption. [Read more...]

7 Chemical Engineering Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

chemical engineering tweets
Social media is great place for sharing everything in our social life. It applies to chemical engineering fields too. Social media, like Twitter, could become a learning media as well as information media to get updates.

Many chemical companies and chemical engineers are now using Twitter to share information about chemical industry, chemical engineering and related fields. This is great source of information. Unfortunately, most chemical engineers may not aware about this.

There are many chemical engineering studies and industrial experiences that we cannot get through university, textbooks even practical operations. So, start to use Twitter to get new knowledge, experiences and updated information from the expert. [Read more...]

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