An Introduction to Compression Molding

Compression molding is a primary manufacturing process which converts raw materials to finished products using a molding press. Composite components can be processed via various techniques although compression molding is the most common form.

Heat is primarily used along with suitable pressure along with differing cycle times, to manufacture a composite component effectively.

This strategy is generally used for molding thermo set plastics and has been used for quite a while now. By applying pressure with a compression molding machine, the measured molding material is upheld into a cavity of a heated form and cured.  [Read more…]

20 Tips for Good Warehouse Management Practices

how to manage warehouse in a better way
Warehouse holds one important role in every business operation including in chemical manufacturing plant. It is because good warehouse management will make sure customer satisfaction fulfilment by company.

Production process, product quality and finished goods delivery will have no problem as long as good warehouse management practices are always done in proper ways.

There will be no delay delivery or production process interruption due to lack of finished goods or unavailable raw materials. Good warehouse management practices help company to run its business smoothly.

As a warehouse manager, you are required to apply good warehouse management practices into your daily job. The following tips will help you managing warehouse in a better and efficient way.

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Drum Pump For Flammable Liquids From Tuthill

drum pump for flammable liquids
Flammable liquid handling requires special tools due to its easy to get fire characteristic. Spark is not allowable at all. If not fulfilled, fire may happen.

Drum pump is one of those special tools used for transferring flammable liquid from drums to other container or direct to user. It can also be used from transferring flammable liquid from one to another drum.

I will show you drum pump for flammable liquids from Tuthill®AT150 and BR150 are special two drum pump for flammable liquids such as petroleum products. Both are UL-Listed products. [Read more…]

What You Need to Know About Liquid Silicon Rubber

Amazon ImageLiquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) is a thermoset molding that involves mixing two components, heating and curing the mixture using a platinum catalyst to produce a final product. Liquid Silicon Rubber parts are usually formed through n injection-molding procedure comparable to that of conventional plastic injection molding but has one major difference — the material delivery system is cooled and the mold is heated. Custom Molded Rubber can be used to fit one design and shape as desired.

The end product of this process has very excellent properties such as: excellent chemical, thermal and electrical resistance, they are strong and elastic. They also maintain their physical structure and can withstand sterilization. [Read more…]

Gardner Bender Cable Ties

gardner bender cable ties
Cable ties are used to bunch and organize electric cables or wires. Cable tie is another type of fastener. It is also used to improve safety since there will be no longer untidy cables and wires, which can cause people to fall down.

Gardner Bender cable ties are best cable ties in the market right know. Many users like this product since it is designed with double lock technology, meets military spec, UL listed, wide temperature range (-40 to 185 deg F) and made of fungus inert nylon.

Gardner Bender cable ties are available in several sizes 4″, 6″, 8″, 11″ and so on. Their product series provides all your needs. [Read more…]

Glass Beaker Sets Under $100

glass beaker sets under$100
Are you looking for glass beaker sets under $100 for this year procurement? There are many choices you can choose from

As a general rule, a good glass beakers sets are reusable, containing several glass beaker volume, high quality and meet standard like ASME. [Read more…]

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