How to Select the Right Hand Gloves for Chemical Handling

Amazon ImageHandling hazardous chemical without wearing right hand gloves is same as putting yourself in danger. Wearing improper hand gloves for chemical handling will have the same consequence, even though with different risk level.

Sometimes, people feel incomfort and troubled wearing hand gloves for chemical handling. They feel that they can still control chemical not to touch their hands even though without gloves. In fact, it is only lucky. So, that is why some people ignore to use right hand gloves for chemical handling.

Indeed, wearing the right hand gloves for chemical handling is really important. Right gloves will ensure your safety when you are handling hazardous chemicals. Remember that chemical hand glove are your last defense against chemical hazards.

This article will show you how to select the right hand gloves for chemical handling. It explains factors that you need to consider when you are purchasing hand gloves for the workplace.

Things to be Considered When Selecting Hand Gloves for Chemical Handling

The following things needs to be considered before you decide to make a purchase. You need hand gloves with right specification for each chemicals. Each factor should be considered carefully.


This is the first thing that you need to consider. Select only proper hand glove material for chemicals you handle: PVC, natural rubber, viton, nitrile or neoprene. Find out the right material from its MSDS. Select only the proper material since only it can resist to chemical attack.


What I want to say here is the lenght of hand glove. Enough length will have good coverage to protect your hand. Fit size gives convenient while being used.

High Temperature Resistant

In some cases, you may handle hazardous chemicals at an elevated temperature. This condition requires hand glove to be high temperature resistant too.


Besides, resist to chemical attack, hand gloves for chemical handling should also be able to protect against abrasion, cuts, snugs and punctures.

Extra Feature

The hand gloves should be designed in order to give firm and better grip. And curved fingers give more flexibility.

Finally, always refer to ANSI/ISEA 105-2011 as standard guide on how to select the right hand gloves for chemical handling. If you have not read this standard, you could download it from here.

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