How Often Should Safety Shoes Be Replaced?

how often should safety shoes be replaced
How often should safety shoes be replaced? There is no exact single answer for this question. Why? It is because there are many things that should be considered when we will decide the frequency.

If we mistake to judge this, then employees may be in danger and possible to get hurt even they already wear safety shoes. [Read more…]

3 Best Pressure Gauge for Vacuum Pressure Testing

pressure gauge for vacuum pressure testing
One thing that you have to concern about hydrostatic or vacuum pressure testing is pressure gauge.  Pressure gauge selection is of importance. Right selection will lead to successful hydrostatic or vacuum pressure testing.

In this article we will emphasize our attention to best pressure gauge for vacuum pressure testing.

Pressure gauge for vacuum pressure testing has to have range from full vacuum to atmospheric. It rangers from 760 to -760 mmHg. Atmospheric pressure is the zero point. [Read more…]

Top 10 Potential Hazards In The Workplace You Should Always Aware

Amazon ImageHave you ever spared enough time to think about potential hazards in the workplace? Or do you carry out potential hazard identification regularly in the workplace?

Many accidents happened in the past because people did not carry out appropriate efforts to identify potential hazards in the workplace. So, they would not take adequate preventive actions to eliminate, reduce or provide proper controls for those potential hazards.

This article is written to help you identifying common potential hazards in the workplace. However, please do not stop there. Identification of potential hazards is just the beginning. You have to take actions to prevent those hazards turn into accidents. [Read more…]

Lödige Mixers at Perry Videx – Used Industrial Equipment

used lodige mixer
Perry Videx is proud to stock a range of different forms of used equipment from well known and reputed manufacturers such as Lödige Process Technology.

The Ploughshare® mixer’s inventor, Brothers Lödige Maschinenbrau GmbH, is one of the leading equipment and subsystems providers in the world for industrial mixing technologies. Since 1938, Lödige has been a proud manufacturer of high quality equipment. Its manufacturing sites and offices are located around the globe.

Lödige manufactured equipment is cross industry and is consistently of the highest quality. They are providers of subsystems for applications in process engineering in areas of granulation, mixing, coating, drying, as well as allied processes. [Read more…]

How to Do Steam Trap Commissioning

steam trap commissioning procedure
Steam trap commissioning is the first step to do when you are going to start-up whole steam distribution system.  Correct steam trap commissioning procedure is very important since it will affect steam trap lifetime.

On the other hand, wrong steam trap commissioning will give bad impact. Steam trap commissioning cannot be separated from whole steam distribution system commissioning or start-up.

If you often find steam trap leakage in the plant site, one reason that you should check is steam trap commissioning procedure. Evaluate how you do that. [Read more…]

How To Install Ball Valve Lockout

Ball valve lockoutAmazon Image is required by OSHA (1910.147) in order to isolate an equipment or machine from liquid or gas flow before it is repaired or overhauled. Ball valve lockout is installed to avoid miss operation or unintended operation of the ball valve.

Unintended operation of ball valve can cause serious problems from fire, severe chemical exposure to explosion. These problems will lead to people injury and death, and property damage. In this case, ball valve lockout is of importance to avoid such problems.

The following video will remind on how important ball valve lockout and tagout is.

[Read more…]

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