Waste Water Analysis Parameters

water analysis parameters
This article is written in order to compare waste water analysis parameters among countries in the world. Each country treats differently about this matter. Some of them may regulate waste water quality stricter than others. Their government may put deep concern to environment conservation.

Standard waste water analysis parameter in each country is usually applied for all industries, including chemical industries. Their governments develop one standard waste water quality that should be passed before waste water discharging.

It is also possible that a country applies more than one standard waste water analysis parameters. Each province or state in a country develops their own standard.

This article may not be able to show you waste water analysis parameters in each country in the world.

Amazon Image Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Latin America

Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in India

Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Malaysia

Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Indonesia (West Java)


Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Europe

Global Effluent Guidelines

Ball Valve vs Gate Valve

ball valve vs gate valve
Ball valve and gate valve have different construction, usage, advantages and disadvantages.

Having ability to know the difference between ball valve vs gate valve is very important. It is because you can clearly understand which valve you should select.

The following table of ball valve vs gate valve shows comparison between ball valve and gate valve features. [Read more…]

Top Intermediate Bulk Container Manufacturer

intermediate bulk container manufacturer

Schutz IBC

Intermediate bulk container or IBC is designed for transporting and storing chemical products. If you have not used intermediate bulk container as packaging, then you can start considering this into your plan. If you would like to learn more about intermediate bulk container, then I recommend you to read from here.

Deciding intermediate bulk container specification should be made based on nature of chemical substance you will handle. It is about chemical compatibility, intermediate bulk container design, pallet design and so on.

The next step is to know from whom you will procure intermediate bulk container. I mean you have to know good intermediate bulk container manufacturer. [Read more…]

Lab Beakers For Sale February 2014

lab beakers for sale in February 2014
We are now in February 2014. May be some of you may still be looking for best offer for laboratory equipments and apparatus in order to execute your procurement budget (planning) in 2014.

Lab beaker is one of laboratory apparatus that are mostly classified as consumable materials since it is easy to break due to its material and relatively high using frequency for analysis works.

In February 2014, there are lab beakers for sale on Amazon.com. You can buy lab beakers from Karter Scientific at 53% off for three glass Erlenmeyer: 50, 150 and 250 mL.

For other lab glass apparatuses, you can see the table below. [Read more…]

Steam Line Pressure Drop Calculation

steam line pressure drop calculation
Pressure drop in steam line directly causes energy loses. Steam will lose certain percentage of its energy that turns into condensate.

So, if you are now designing your steam distribution line or improving the existing steam line, then steam line pressure drop calculation is the first step that you need to do.

The following online tools can be used for steam line pressure drop calculation. They are free and you can access them whenever you need.

Steam Pressure Drop Calculator from Engineeringtoolbox.com

Steam Pressure Loss Through Piping from TLV.com

Steam Pressure Drop Calculator from Spiraxsarco.com

Steam Pressure Drop Calculator from Easycalculation.com

Chemical Plant Accidents Case Study You Must Learn

chemical plant accidents case study
There is a good safety slogan that has attracted my attention. It talks about chemical plant accident. Here is what the slogan says “Don’t let other learn safety from you”.

For me, it states that never allow accident happens in the workplace. If it happens, others will learn safety from that. Others will be able to avoid such accident in their workplace by learning why it happens and how to avoid such accident.

So, never stop learning safety from chemical plant accidents that have happened out there. There are many safety lessons we can take from those accidents without having to get suffering.

In this post, I would like to share with you chemical plant accidents case study, which will give you good safety lessons.  Please read the case study carefully. After that, see safety condition in your workplace and take a sheet of paper. Write down what items you can improve in your workplace and make a simple report in order for you to state your action plan. [Read more…]

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