Honeywell Industrial CO Detectors Review

honeywell industrial CO detectors
Carbon monoxide (CO) is highly toxic gas, which can cause injury and death in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this gas is tasteless, odorless and colorless. So, that’s why a carbon monoxide detector is very important in chemical industries where carbon monoxide exposure exists.

Honeywell industrial CO detectors are detecting devices for oxygen, H2S, carbon monoxide (CO) and combustible gases in industrial environment.

Honeywell industrial CO detectors use electrochemical sensor  technology to detect carbon monoxide level. This is the best technology for carbon monoxide detection.

With unit weight of only 0.8 pounds, this makes Honeywell industrial CO detectors (Analytic IQ-XWY-B-NA IQ Force 4-Gases Detector) can be brought easily even to an elevated area or confined spaces such as tank, reactor and vessel. [Read more…]

55 Gallon Plastic Drum Review

55 gallon plastic drum for sale
55 gallon plastic drum is common packaging that is used for storing water, solid material or liquid chemicals. In chemical industry55 gallon plastic drum is especially used as packaging for various kinds of chemicals due to its perfect chemical resistant.

What we are talking about in this article is 55 gallon polyethylene drum or 55 gallon PE drum, which is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE).

In general, there are two kinds of 55 gallon plastic drum open (removable head) and closed (non-removable head) top. Closed top type is used as packaging for liquid chemical. It has 2 drum plugs, 2″ NPT and 3/4″ NPT. But, some of them may have only one plug.

Removable head type is commonly used for solid material such as catalyst. [Read more…]

Best Handheld Label Maker Reviews

handheld label maker reviews
DYMO Label Manager 160 is best seller handheld label maker on With more than 900+ reviews, this product is currently getting 4 stars review.

Handheld label maker is a necessary tool required by almost all works including in chemical plant. We use this tool to give label on helmet, sparepart boxes in warehouse, bottle label in laboratory, document labelling and so on. Of course there are infinite numbers of things that required handheld label makers.

In this article, you can find best handheld label maker reviews that I have written. The best product I chosen is DYMO Label Manager 160. It is when I am writing this article is sold at $9.99 or you get discount of $30.80 or 76% discount. [Read more…]

Practical Guide: Cartridge Filter Specification

cartridge filter selection
Cartridge filter selection process must be done carefully. Otherwise, there will be a chance for a new problem arising in the process. Selecting the correct cartridge filter specification is very important.

This selection process does not include cartridge filter housing design. It is assumed that you have designed it appropriately.

Selecting the correct cartridge filter specification must be first started from knowing the flowing fluid properties both chemical and physical. [Read more…]

Amazing Hand Truck for Gas Cylinder Under $150

hand truck for gas cylinder
Gas cylinder contains various potential hazards. It could cause injury even death due to several reasons. Improper handling of gas cylinder is one of these common reasons. The use of hand truck for gas cylinder becomes so important for proper gas cylinder handling.

Hand truck for gas cylinder is an important gas cylinder handling equipment by which gas cylinder is conveyed from one place to another. Poor hand truck for gas cylinder could lead to falling cylinder, which can cause injury or even death.

A good hand truck for gas cylinder can only be obtained through careful consideration before determining your choice. The following tips will help you get a good one. [Read more…]

Best Seller Safety Shoes For Chemical Industry 2014

safety shoes for chemical industry
New year will come. You may now be still preparing budget for year 2015. Safety shoes procurement may be included as one of your procurement planning.

It is not easy to get best safety shoes for chemical industry. If you want to try a new brand, then you need to try it first. But, you know the risk. Trying new safety shoes for chemical industry is not an easy decision since it may cause injury if it does not have good quality.

So, to cut the risk of trying new safety shoes, it had better to procure safety shoes that already proven by people having good quality.

I already pick up best seller safety shoes for chemical industry that can be considered for your next budget. [Read more…]

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