10 Things You Should Know About Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank


Liquid nitrogen storage tank is usually provided by nitrogen gas supplier. It is installed at customer site. Commonly, customer only needs to pay monthly fee for liquid nitrogen storage tank including evaporator, piping and other accessories.

Nitrogen gas suppliers will also give their customers free service for  preventive maintenance or repair for the liquid nitrogen storage tank and its related facilities. So, customer will be spoiled with this service.

However, there are negative impacts of this condition. Customers become having less awareness against this facility that is installed at their sites. They do not take adequate efforts to maintain liquid nitrogen storage tank.

If there is liquid nitrogen storage tank in your chemical factory or site, then you have to pay attention on the following things in order to manage it better in the frame of safety, quality, supply reliability and so on. [Read more…]

How To Clean Safety Shoes

how to clean safety shoes
Safety shoes is one of the most important personal protective equipment used by every worker in the workplace. In chemical plant where liquid
chemical spills, wet floor, gravel, soil and dust exist, safety shoes is likely to be easy to get dirt.

So, chemical plant operators and engineers need to clean their safety shoes more frequent than office workers.

How to clean safety shoes requires almost same procedure with leather shoes. What you need to do this is a soft brush, leather shoes cleaner, shoes polish and dry cloth. [Read more…]

AOS Safety Glasses Z87 Review

AOS safety glasses model tkk 90987
Safety glass is a vital personal protective equipment for a worker who works in an area where hazards to the eyes exist. Safety glass will protect the eyes from getting injury and permanent eye damage.

3M AO Safety/3M Tekk 90987 Fuel High Performance Safety Glasses with Titanium-Colored Frame and Red Mirror Lens from 3M is a perfect eye protection tool that will protect worker’s eyes from various kinds of eye hazards such as chemical splash, splinters, dust, debris and other hazards.

AOS safety glasses Model Tekk 90987 meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standard. It is applicable for industrial environment including chemical manufacturing plant. [Read more…]

Best Glass Beaker With Handle And Spout

glass beaker with handle and spout
Glass beaker with handle and spout is better than general glass beaker. It provides safer condition in laboratory for analyst during doing analytical work. Analyst can use one hand to hold the glass and the spout will help avoiding chemical spill during pouring.

There are of course other specifications we should see when we need to select glass beaker with handle and spout. Glass thickness, glass material, heat proof, oven proof, accurate measurement, easy to read volume marking, light weight and durable are basic features that should be owned by best glass beaker with handle and spout. [Read more…]

The Difference Between Thermostatic and Thermodynamic Steam Trap

difference thermostatic and thermodynamic steam trap
Selecting steam trap type is a crucial step in engineering work for the steam distribution line or steam usage point. Making wrong decision will lead to poor performance of the steam system.

Knowing the difference between thermostatic and thermodynamic steam trap is a part of the selection stage. By knowing this fact, it will be easier to proceed the process.

The following table shows the difference between thermostatic and thermodynamic steam trap. [Read more…]

Best Chin Straps for MSA Hard Hats

chin straps for MSA hard hats
This short article is aimed to provide information about chin straps for MSA hard hats. Basically, chin strap is required in order to keep hard hat on worker’s head as long as it is being used by the worker.

According to OSHA Part 1915, Part Title Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment, Sub Part I, Sub Part Title Personal Protective Equipment, Non-mandatory Guidelines for Hazard Assessment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selection, and PPE Training Program, it is described that [Read more…]

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