Best Kidde Fire Extinguishers Review

kidde fire extinguishersMulti purpose fire extinguisher offers high flexibility in utilization. If you use such type of fire extinguisher like Kidde fire extinguishers FA110, you can easily exchange one to another, when you find one fire extinguisher empty or should be replaced due to any reason.

Just imagine if you provide CO2, pressurized water or dry chemical portable fire extinguisher specially for each point of usage in the office. It sounds complicated and not flexible.

Kidde fire extinguishers FA110 is a multi purpose fire extinguisher that fights with fire Class A, Class B and Class C.  This means that you can use Kidde fire extinguishers FA110 to extinguish fires that involve wood, gasoline and or electric power.

Also remember that in emergency situation when a person tries to put out fire, that person will take any portable fire extinguisher closed to him or her. If that person takes wrong fire extinguisher type, fire may be getting bigger and bigger.

So that’s why multi purpose Kidde fire extinguishers FA110 is so essential for safety. Continue reading

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industrial accidents involving heat exchanger

industrial accidents involving heat exchangerIn last June 2008, an industrial accident involving heat exchanger occurred at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Houston, Texas.

The heat exchanger ruptured and released toxic chemical, ammonia, and caused one employee died. Another five employees got injured due to ammonia exposure.

According to Chemical Safety Board (CSB) investigation, the accident occurred because of overpressure inside of the heat exchanger. Ammonia inside of it was heated by steam and valves next to the relief valve and automatic pressure control valve were closed. Continue reading

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Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Mixers for Powder Blending

A common process in a number of industries—from food and pharmaceuticals to minerals and chemicals—is to blend or mix together powder ingredients.

When this is a required process, then it is important to choose the right mixer. This can seem like a daunting process as there are a number of different choices that need to be made. Use the following helpful tips to ensure that you make the right decision for your needs. Continue reading

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Best Small Flashlight for Plant Operator

small flashlightIn spite of the fact that, chemical manufacturing plant is already design with enough lighting, small flashlight is still required in order to monitor and inspect plant conditions through gauges and indicators.

Sometimes, plant operators needs to watch unusual conditions in a narrow space that requires additional lighting. In such case, small flashlight is also necessary.

For all those condition, small flashlight should be lightweight and small size. It should be easy to carry, put in pocket and requires very small effort to turn it on.

In this article, I will review best small flashlight for plant operator, i.e. Mini Cree Led flashlight torch with adjustable focus and zoom. Continue reading

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