hot plate with magnetic stirrer

Hot plate with magnetic stirrer
Hot plate with magnetic stirrer function would be the perfect solution for laboratory work that requires heating and stirring at the same time.

If you are collecting reaction data of an endothermic reaction that takes place at a higher temperature and requires stirring to take place, then you will need Hot plate with magnetic stirrer function.

Currently, Hot plate with magnetic stirrer is already available in the market. You can get this product from [Read more…]

Best Glass Beaker With Handle And Spout

glass beaker with handle and spout
Glass beaker with handle and spout is better than general glass beaker. It provides safer condition in laboratory for analyst during doing analytical work. Analyst can use one hand to hold the glass and the spout will help avoiding chemical spill during pouring.

There are of course other specifications we should see when we need to select glass beaker with handle and spout. Glass thickness, glass material, heat proof, oven proof, accurate measurement, easy to read volume marking, light weight and durable are basic features that should be owned by best glass beaker with handle and spout. [Read more…]

New Industrial Wheels Reduce Risk of Injury

One important resource that nearly any factory has to offer is the use of assembly carts for transporting materials to make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible. These carts rely heavily on the heavy-duty caster wheels that allow for cart mobility of loads that weigh thousands of pounds or more.

Mobility of heavy loads in a factory setting is a very important issue that should be evaluated when laying out a factory, as well as assigning labor to employees of that factory. [Read more…]

10 Buying Tips for Pallet Jack With Adjustable Forks

pallet jack with adjustable forks
Pallet jack is an important tool for moving heavy object from one place to another easily and safely in a chemical plant or manufacturing plant. Pallet jack with adjustable forks are ones that have forks with adjustable width.

Pallet jack with adjustable forks provide more flexibility in moving operation by which we can move object with various widths. This means that we do not have to provide standard pallet size to match with pallet fork width.

Pallet jack with adjustable forks eliminate the need of several pallet jacks with different fork widths.

However, we have to take care before buying any pallet jack with adjustable forks. There are several things we need to consider before making any buying decision. [Read more…]

How Centrifugal Pump Works Video

Amazon ImageCentrifugal pump is one of the most common pump types used in chemical plant. So, I thought that it is very important to see how centrifugal pump works video.

The following 4 videos will show you how centrifugal pump works, installation and commissioning of centrifugal pumpcentrifugal pump cavitation and centrifugal pump maintenance. [Read more…]

Top 10 Stories About Electricity Cost Reduction In Manufacturing Industry

Energy cost is one of the biggest manufacturing costs in most chemical industries. This cost tends to increase day by day, especially for fossil fuel based energy. So that’s why electricity cost reduction in manufacturing industry is very crucial.

Dealing with electric cost reduction will never end. And it is very interesting to see how other industry practitioners doing. After you see what others are doing, it is hoped that you will be able to brainstorm to obtain electricity cost reduction in manufacturing industry for your own cases. [Read more…]

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