Lödige Mixers at Perry Videx – Used Industrial Equipment

used lodige mixer
Perry Videx is proud to stock a range of different forms of used equipment from well known and reputed manufacturers such as Lödige Process Technology.

The Ploughshare® mixer’s inventor, Brothers Lödige Maschinenbrau GmbH, is one of the leading equipment and subsystems providers in the world for industrial mixing technologies. Since 1938, Lödige has been a proud manufacturer of high quality equipment. Its manufacturing sites and offices are located around the globe.

Lödige manufactured equipment is cross industry and is consistently of the highest quality. They are providers of subsystems for applications in process engineering in areas of granulation, mixing, coating, drying, as well as allied processes. [Read more…]

Budgit Chain Hoist 3 Ton

budgit hoist
Are you looking for chain hoist with capacity of 3 ton? Budgit chain hoist 3 ton could be able to fulfill your necessity. This Budgit hoist is used for heavy duty work.

Budgit chain hoist 3 ton complies with ASME/ANSI B30.16 standard. It is a common chain host used in chemical manufacturing plants. [Read more…]

Best Lockout For Circuit Breaker

lockout for circuir breaker
Unintended power on during electrical circuit repair or maintenance will be very dangerous. This can result in fatality. Using lockout for circuit breaker can prevent this from happening.

Lockout for circuit breaker like Master Lock Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout, must become a part of lockout-tagout procedure in your company. Repair tags with string may not be reliable enough to prevent accidental power on during repair or maintenance.

Since it is still possible for accidental power on to happen. [Read more…]

Algae Biofuel Book Review

algae biofuel book pdf
Biofuel is an alternative energy that is a trending in energy sector. There are many raw materials used for biofuel productionAlgae biofuel is biofuel that is generated from algae, a renewable resources that can be found all over the world.

Biofuels From Algae is an algae biofuel book that is written by Professor Ashok Pandey, Yusuf Chisti, Due Jong Lee and Professor Carlos Ricardo Soccol. These authors are experts in Microbiology, Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

This algae biofuel book was published on October 21, 2013 by Elsevier, hard cover with 348 pages. [Read more…]

Great Textbook About Solid-Liquid Flow Slurry Pipeline

solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline

Solid-liquid mixture is a unique mixture. It requires special attention, especially when we talk about solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline. As of my experience with solid-liquid flow, pipe leakage due to solid substance attack is the most obvious problem.

In my case, solid-liquid mixture are precious metal catalyst and organic liquid.

Pipeline corrosion was the most obvious problem I saw. Plant shut down has to be done several times due to this problem. Recent problem related to this solid-liquid flow is the mixture has caused pump casing and volute to be eroded. And that’s very costly and takes more times to solve.

Another problem that I faced in the past were pipe clogging and not smooth flow due to improper pipe line and distribution designs.

So that’s why there are many things we shall consider about solid-liquid flow in order to design appropriate pipeline.

If you are new to this slurry system, then I am please to show you great textbook about solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline that will give comprehensive study about the system. The book title is Slurry Systems Handbook. [Read more…]

Respirator With HEPA Filter

respirator with hepa filter
Are you looking for respirator with HEPA filter inside? Respirator with HEPA filter is the perfect safety apparatus for workers who are working under polluted environment. It is because HEPA filter can remove most pollutants that exist in the air.

Workers who work under such condition like handling solid catalyst or powder material must wear respirator with HEPA filter.

3M HEPA respirator is one of the respirator with HEPA filter. The product is currently sold on Amazon.com at $29.99 per piece.

The 3M HEPA respirator removes 99.97% of all airborne pollutants down to 0.3 microns. That means workers can work confidently in whatever environment they may find as an allergy and asthma sufferer. [Read more…]

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