Which Polyethylene Pallets Are Safe To Reuse?

Amazon ImageSeveral years ago, I have stopped using wooden pallets for product handling and turned to polyethylene pallets. Many reasons were behind this why wooden pallets were replaced by polyethylene pallets.

Here are the reasons why I made the replacement:

  • cost reduction
  • improve safety at the workplace
  • advantages offered by polyethylene pallets

Polyethylene pallets are reusable. According to my experiences, shelf-life of those pallets are in average more than 10 years. However, not all polyethylene pallets are same. You have to be careful when making pallet selections.

There are several things you have to consider to answer this question, “Which polyethylene pallets are safe to reuse?”. [Read more…]

Perry Chemical Engineering Handbook Kindle Edition

Amazon ImageAre you still keeping Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook printed edition? Now, I bring a good news for you. You could have Perry Chemical Engineering Handbook kindle edition. Some people like this new edition very much. I believe that you would be the next.

It is now getting 4 star rating on Amazon.com.

It is much more simple and you can reference to quickly it when you need as professional chemical engineer or chemical engineering students. [Read more…]

Honeywell Industrial CO Detectors Review

honeywell industrial CO detectors
Carbon monoxide (CO) is highly toxic gas, which can cause injury and death in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this gas is tasteless, odorless and colorless. So, that’s why a carbon monoxide detector is very important in chemical industries where carbon monoxide exposure exists.

Honeywell industrial CO detectors are detecting devices for oxygen, H2S, carbon monoxide (CO) and combustible gases in industrial environment.

Honeywell industrial CO detectors use electrochemical sensor  technology to detect carbon monoxide level. This is the best technology for carbon monoxide detection.

With unit weight of only 0.8 pounds, this makes Honeywell industrial CO detectors (Analytic IQ-XWY-B-NA IQ Force 4-Gases Detector) can be brought easily even to an elevated area or confined spaces such as tank, reactor and vessel. [Read more…]

How to Reduce Cooling Tower Water Consumption

how to reduce cooling tower water consumption
Water consumption is one of the most important aspects of a cooling tower operation. It contributes significantly to overall cooling tower operating cost beside electric and chemical costs.

To optimize water consumption, all you need to know is water consumption details in a cooling tower. When you know this well, then it will be a lot of easier for you to reduce cooling tower water consumption.

This article is purposed to provide practical tips on how to reduce cooling tower water consumption. [Read more…]

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