How To Treat a Hydrochloric Acid Burn On The Skin

How To Treat a Hydrochloric Acid Burn On The SkinHydrochloric acid is a hazardous chemical. It is a very corrosive liquid. When it contacts your skin, you may suffer skin burn, itching, redness, inflammation and or swelling of exposed tissues. The severity will depend on hydrochloric acid concentration and duration of contact.

Then, how to treat a hydrochloric acid burn on the skin?

Immediately, flush your skin with plenty of water at least for 15 minutes. More than 15 minutes is recommended. You can use cold water for this case. At the same time, remove contaminated clothing, shoes and gloves, and wash them with soap before reuse. [Read more...]

Best Small Flashlight for Plant Operator

small flashlightIn spite of the fact that, chemical manufacturing plant is already design with enough lighting, small flashlight is still required in order to monitor and inspect plant conditions through gauges and indicators.

Sometimes, plant operators needs to watch unusual conditions in a narrow space that requires additional lighting. In such case, small flashlight is also necessary.

For all those condition, small flashlight should be lightweight and small size. It should be easy to carry, put in pocket and requires very small effort to turn it on.

In this article, I will review best small flashlight for plant operator, i.e. Mini Cree Led flashlight torch with adjustable focus and zoom. [Read more...]

3 New Biofuel Plant From Waste USA and Canada

Amazon ImageToday, I read a few stories about new biofuel plant from waste. At least I noticed two new biofuel plant from waste that will be built in the near future and another one is going to be operated commercially.

Those biofuel plant from waste are located in USA and Canada. They utilize various kinds of solid wastes as their raw materials such agricultural residues, woody biomass, household trash, landfill waste, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste and waste gases from industrial processes.

Each biofuel plant from waste uses different processing technology, which shows different advantages. [Read more...]

Gardner Bender Cable Ties

gardner bender cable tiesCable ties are used to bunch and organize electric cables or wires. Cable tie is another type of fastener. It is also used to improve safety since there will be no longer untidy cables and wires, which can cause people to fall down.

Gardner Bender cable ties are best cable ties in the market right know. Many users like this product since it is designed with double lock technology, meets military spec, UL listed, wide temperature range (-40 to 185 deg F) and made of fungus inert nylon.

Gardner Bender cable ties are available in several sizes 4″, 6″, 8″, 11″ and so on. Their product series provides all your needs. [Read more...]

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