Over The Head Safety Earmuffs PA4000 Review

over the head safety earmuffs pa4000
Over the head safety earmuffs like model PA4000 from NoiseBuster is a better choice than ordinary earplugs. Such model has better performance in reducing noise and very small possibility to be detached from the ears while being used.

Over the head safety earmuffs PA4000 is designed for industrial uses, especially in reducing low-frequency noise that is generated by plant equipment such as compressor, blower, fans, generators, vacuums, pumps, etc.

This product can handle both passive and active noises reduction. This is something that earplugs and conventional earmuffs cannot do. [Read more…]

An Introduction to Compression Molding

Compression molding is a primary manufacturing process which converts raw materials to finished products using a molding press. Composite components can be processed via various techniques although compression molding is the most common form.

Heat is primarily used along with suitable pressure along with differing cycle times, to manufacture a composite component effectively.

This strategy is generally used for molding thermo set plastics and has been used for quite a while now. By applying pressure with a compression molding machine, the measured molding material is upheld into a cavity of a heated form and cured.  [Read more…]

FDA Standards For Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

fda standard for food grade hydrogen peroxide
Only food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used for food processing. Industrial grade hydrogen peroxide cannot. You can make sure if it is a food grade by checking its label or sticker attached to the packaging.

There are several standards that are used as references for food grade hydrogen peroxide. In the US, Food Drug Association (FDA) has issued FDA standards for food grade hydrogen peroxide.

According to FDA, all hydrogen peroxide used in food processing has to fulfil the specification of the Food and Chemical Codex (21 CFR 178.1005(c) and CFR 184.1366(b)).

The following table shows FDA standards for food grade hydrogen peroxide both 35% and 50%. [Read more…]

How to Choose Good Polyethylene Jerry Cans For Chemical

polyethylene jerry cans for chemical
Material suitability is the main reason in selecting appropriate packaging for a chemical product. Material with high compatibility with the chemical is the best choice. In certain cases, lower material compatibility may be selected due to special consideration such as short storage period and packaging cost.

Polyethylene jerry can is a common packaging used for most chemical products. Lets say phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, nitric acid and formic acid. Those chemical products use polyethylene jerry can as their packaging.

A polyethylene jerry cans for chemical is selected due to several considerations. Material compatibility is the main consideration. But, it is not only that. There are other considerations that should be decided carefully when selecting appropriate polyethylene jerry cans design used for chemical packaging. [Read more…]

How To Install Ball Valve Lockout

Ball valve lockoutAmazon Image is required by OSHA (1910.147) in order to isolate an equipment or machine from liquid or gas flow before it is repaired or overhauled. Ball valve lockout is installed to avoid miss operation or unintended operation of the ball valve.

Unintended operation of ball valve can cause serious problems from fire, severe chemical exposure to explosion. These problems will lead to people injury and death, and property damage. In this case, ball valve lockout is of importance to avoid such problems.

The following video will remind on how important ball valve lockout and tagout is.

[Read more…]

Drum Pump With Totalizer Review

drum pump with totalizer
Liquid chemical transfer is best carried out with pump and flow meter. But, sometimes this operation cannot be done because of several reasons. The main cause generally comes from available packaging type. Drum and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) are two main packaging types used for chemical product these days.

Fortunately, there is a solution for such operation problem. We can use motorized drum pump with totalizer and digital flow meter to transfer liquid chemical from drum, IBC or small vessel.

By using this equipment, transfer job can be done easily and at the same time we can adjust the flow rate and know how many litre we have transferred the chemical liquid at once. [Read more…]

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