Lödige Mixers at Perry Videx – Used Industrial Equipment

used lodige mixer
Perry Videx is proud to stock a range of different forms of used equipment from well known and reputed manufacturers such as Lödige Process Technology.

The Ploughshare® mixer’s inventor, Brothers Lödige Maschinenbrau GmbH, is one of the leading equipment and subsystems providers in the world for industrial mixing technologies. Since 1938, Lödige has been a proud manufacturer of high quality equipment. Its manufacturing sites and offices are located around the globe.

Lödige manufactured equipment is cross industry and is consistently of the highest quality. They are providers of subsystems for applications in process engineering in areas of granulation, mixing, coating, drying, as well as allied processes. [Read more…]

SPX Industrial TIF8800x Combustible Gas Detector

SPX Industrial TIF8800X Combustible Gas Detector
Combustible gas detector  is an essential tool for industrial safety. This tool helps safety officer detecting combustible gas existence as quickly as possible to prevent fire or explosion.

SPX Industrial TIF8800X Combustible Gas Detector is a battery-operated combustible gas detector that can detect combustible gas (gasoline) as low as 1 ppm. This detector is very sensitive.

SPX Industrial TIF8800X Combustible Gas Detector can be used in almost any industrial situation where combustible gases are utilized such as in pipelines, liquid or gas fired-heating equipments, propane filling station, laboratory or gas cylinder storage area. [Read more…]

How to Do Steam Trap Commissioning

steam trap commissioning procedure
Steam trap commissioning is the first step to do when you are going to start-up whole steam distribution system.  Correct steam trap commissioning procedure is very important since it will affect steam trap lifetime.

On the other hand, wrong steam trap commissioning will give bad impact. Steam trap commissioning cannot be separated from whole steam distribution system commissioning or start-up.

If you often find steam trap leakage in the plant site, one reason that you should check is steam trap commissioning procedure. Evaluate how you do that. [Read more…]

Great Textbook About Solid-Liquid Flow Slurry Pipeline

solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline

Solid-liquid mixture is a unique mixture. It requires special attention, especially when we talk about solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline. As of my experience with solid-liquid flow, pipe leakage due to solid substance attack is the most obvious problem.

In my case, solid-liquid mixture are precious metal catalyst and organic liquid.

Pipeline corrosion was the most obvious problem I saw. Plant shut down has to be done several times due to this problem. Recent problem related to this solid-liquid flow is the mixture has caused pump casing and volute to be eroded. And that’s very costly and takes more times to solve.

Another problem that I faced in the past were pipe clogging and not smooth flow due to improper pipe line and distribution designs.

So that’s why there are many things we shall consider about solid-liquid flow in order to design appropriate pipeline.

If you are new to this slurry system, then I am please to show you great textbook about solid-liquid flow slurry pipeline that will give comprehensive study about the system. The book title is Slurry Systems Handbook. [Read more…]

How To Install Ball Valve Lockout

Ball valve lockoutAmazon Image is required by OSHA (1910.147) in order to isolate an equipment or machine from liquid or gas flow before it is repaired or overhauled. Ball valve lockout is installed to avoid miss operation or unintended operation of the ball valve.

Unintended operation of ball valve can cause serious problems from fire, severe chemical exposure to explosion. These problems will lead to people injury and death, and property damage. In this case, ball valve lockout is of importance to avoid such problems.

The following video will remind on how important ball valve lockout and tagout is.

[Read more…]

How To Select Hose Clamps For Compressed Air

hose clamps for compressed air
Sometimes you will encounter a situation where you need to install temporary compressed air hose. It may be used for flushing a pipe line, doing pressure test or cleaning up a dusted area.

Connecting hose to an existing compressed air piping requires hose clamps. Hose clamps for compressed air should be able to stand at the maximum possible pressure and temperature. [Read more…]

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