safety shoes for electrical hazards

safety shoes for electrical hazardsBefore doing any electrical work, you have to make sure that electric power is already turned off and you have done the lockout-tagout procedures.

Besides, you have to make sure that you already use electrical-insulating gloves and safety shoes for electrical hazards.

Safety shoes for electrical hazards are very important as the last protection devices when other protection methods fail. They should be able to act as insulation between the body and electric source.

New Balance Men’s MID627 is a safety steel toe shoe that is designed to be used in the presence of various hazards, including electrical hazards and static electric hazard. Continue reading

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Top 10 Stories About Electricity Cost Reduction In Manufacturing Industry

Energy cost is one of the biggest manufacturing costs in most chemical industries. This cost tends to increase day by day, especially for fossil fuel based energy. So that’s why electricity cost reduction in manufacturing industry is very crucial.

Dealing with electric cost reduction will never end. And it is very interesting to see how other industry practitioners doing. After you see what others are doing, it is hoped that you will be able to brainstorm to obtain electricity cost reduction in manufacturing industry for your own cases. Continue reading

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How to Get Oil Price Up to Date

oil price up to dateIt is no doubt that oil price has big influence against various cost contributors for chemical processing plants. Raw materials, auxiliary materials, spare parts and transportation cost are some costs that are directly correlated with oil price change.

Because of that reason, people are always trying to get oil price up to date at their hands. In addition, suppliers who supply raw materials and other materials frequently use oil price increase as their arsenal to get higher selling price.

In order to help you get oil price up to date, I wrote this article for you. You can get oil price up to date at any time from this page. The price is auto updated.

Just come back to this page to get oil price up to date. Continue reading

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Wika Temperature Gauge Reviews

Amazon ImageWIKA produces various kind of temperature gauge. WIKA temperature gauge is one of the most commonly used in industrial field.

In this article, I will write WIKA temperature gauge reviews especially Bi-metal temperature gauge that are made of 304 stainless steel (SUS 304). As you may already know that 304 stainless steel material can resist to many kind of liquid chemicals. So, this material can be accepted by most of applications.

Such WIKA temperature gauge comes with dial gauge of 3 inch. The connection size is 1/2 inch. It can be mounted by all angle, lower or back.

WIKA temperature gauge 304 stainless steel is available in several different stem length. So, WIKA temperature gauge can be used for various pipe size. Just select stem lenght that fits with pipe inside diameter. Steam length is available from 1/2 inch to 12 inch. Continue reading

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