TPI 721 Combustible Gas Leak Detector with LCD Display

TPI 721 Combustible Gas Leak Detector with LCD Display
Safety patrol is one of the safety monitoring ways in chemical plant operation. In general, it is done to recognize any potential hazard or hazard since the beginning before it turns into real accident.

Checking combustible gas leak such as natural gas, propane, kerosene and diesel is part of safety patrol. This job requires a combustible gas leak detector.

TPI 721 from Test Product International is combustible gas leak detector with LCD display. It is RoHS compliant, CE approved and UL listed. [Read more…]

Best Chin Straps for MSA Hard Hats

chin straps for MSA hard hats
This short article is aimed to provide information about chin straps for MSA hard hats. Basically, chin strap is required in order to keep hard hat on worker’s head as long as it is being used by the worker.

According to OSHA Part 1915, Part Title Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment, Sub Part I, Sub Part Title Personal Protective Equipment, Non-mandatory Guidelines for Hazard Assessment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selection, and PPE Training Program, it is described that [Read more…]

Steam Line Startup Procedure

steam line startup
Steam line startup is quite simple and may take short time to do. But, if this startup is done with wrong procedure, some steam trap may be broken due to overload.

According to my experiences, steam supply company has steam trap broken problem within short period of operation. It is because when they have operating problem and steam supply should be stopped, they do not carry out steam line startup correctly. They never open by pass valve of steam trap before re-starting steam supply

Long piping may be the reason. May be, their operators have not enough time to do correct startup procedure.

If you have the same problem or want to learn the correct procedure of startup, please read on. [Read more…]

Multi-Gas Detector For Confined Space

multi-gas detector for confined space
Confined space work requires special safety treatment as well as special safety tool. This is because confined space work is one of the most dangerous work area.

In a confined space, worker may be killed just in seconds caused by breathing poison gas like carbon monoxide or hydrogen disulfide (H2S). In addition, oxygen deficiency will likely to occur in such work area due to limited air entrance.

So, it is very important to make sure that there is no poison gas (like carbon monoxide and hydrogen disulfide) and combustible gas, and there is sufficient oxygen content inside the confined space. [Read more…]

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Mixers for Powder Blending

A common process in a number of industries—from food and pharmaceuticals to minerals and chemicals—is to blend or mix together powder ingredients.

When this is a required process, then it is important to choose the right mixer. This can seem like a daunting process as there are a number of different choices that need to be made. Use the following helpful tips to ensure that you make the right decision for your needs. [Read more…]

3 New Biofuel Plant From Waste USA and Canada

Amazon ImageToday, I read a few stories about new biofuel plant from waste. At least I noticed two new biofuel plant from waste that will be built in the near future and another one is going to be operated commercially.

Those biofuel plant from waste are located in USA and Canada. They utilize various kinds of solid wastes as their raw materials such agricultural residues, woody biomass, household trash, landfill waste, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste and waste gases from industrial processes.

Each biofuel plant from waste uses different processing technology, which shows different advantages. [Read more…]

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