Pipe Flow Direction Tape – A Little Thing You Should Know

pipe flow direction tape
There may be hundreds to thousands pipe lines in a chemical plant site. Those pipe lines carry various kind of liquids and gases. To master those pipe lines, one chemical plant operator will need long time if there are no flow direction on each pipe.

Pipe flow direction helps new and experienced chemical plant operators and engineers to operate the plant in much better ways.

Flow direction on pipe can be shown by using pipe flow direction tape. The selection of pipe flow direction tape will depend on pipe size, fluids contained inside the pipe, fluids temperature and environment condition. [Read more…]

Top 10 Potential Hazards In The Workplace You Should Always Aware

Amazon ImageHave you ever spared enough time to think about potential hazards in the workplace? Or do you carry out potential hazard identification regularly in the workplace?

Many accidents happened in the past because people did not carry out appropriate efforts to identify potential hazards in the workplace. So, they would not take adequate preventive actions to eliminate, reduce or provide proper controls for those potential hazards.

This article is written to help you identifying common potential hazards in the workplace. However, please do not stop there. Identification of potential hazards is just the beginning. You have to take actions to prevent those hazards turn into accidents. [Read more…]

Oxygen Gas Detector for Confined Space

Amazon ImageAdequate oxygen availability is a key for jobs in confined space. Jobs under such circumstance are not allowed to be started before safe oxygen level fulfilled.

To measure oxygen level for those jobs, we use oxygen gas detector for confined spaceoxygen gas detector for confined space can be either single detector or multi function detector.

Gas Alert Clip Model GA24XT-X from BW Technologies is a single oxygen gas detector for confined space. We will see what kind of features this oxygen gas detector has and what the cons are. [Read more…]

Best Kidde Fire Extinguishers Review

kidde fire extinguishers
Multi purpose fire extinguisher offers high flexibility in utilization. If you use such type of fire extinguisher like Kidde fire extinguishers FA110, you can easily exchange one to another, when you find one fire extinguisher empty or should be replaced due to any reason.

Just imagine if you provide CO2, pressurized water or dry chemical portable fire extinguisher specially for each point of usage in the office. It sounds complicated and not flexible.

Kidde fire extinguishers FA110 is a multi purpose fire extinguisher that fights with fire Class A, Class B and Class C.  This means that you can use Kidde fire extinguishers FA110 to extinguish fires that involve wood, gasoline and or electric power.

Also remember that in emergency situation when a person tries to put out fire, that person will take any portable fire extinguisher closed to him or her. If that person takes wrong fire extinguisher type, fire may be getting bigger and bigger.

So that’s why multi purpose Kidde fire extinguishers FA110 is so essential for safety. [Read more…]

hot plate with magnetic stirrer

Hot plate with magnetic stirrer
Hot plate with magnetic stirrer function would be the perfect solution for laboratory work that requires heating and stirring at the same time.

If you are collecting reaction data of an endothermic reaction that takes place at a higher temperature and requires stirring to take place, then you will need Hot plate with magnetic stirrer function.

Currently, Hot plate with magnetic stirrer is already available in the market. You can get this product from Amazon.com. [Read more…]

Best Glass Beaker With Handle And Spout

glass beaker with handle and spout
Glass beaker with handle and spout is better than general glass beaker. It provides safer condition in laboratory for analyst during doing analytical work. Analyst can use one hand to hold the glass and the spout will help avoiding chemical spill during pouring.

There are of course other specifications we should see when we need to select glass beaker with handle and spout. Glass thickness, glass material, heat proof, oven proof, accurate measurement, easy to read volume marking, light weight and durable are basic features that should be owned by best glass beaker with handle and spout. [Read more…]

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