How to Choose Good Polyethylene Jerry Cans For Chemical

polyethylene jerry cans for chemical
Material suitability is the main reason in selecting appropriate packaging for a chemical product. Material with high compatibility with the chemical is the best choice. In certain cases, lower material compatibility may be selected due to special consideration such as short storage period and packaging cost.

Polyethylene jerry can is a common packaging used for most chemical products. Lets say phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, nitric acid and formic acid. Those chemical products use polyethylene jerry can as their packaging.

A polyethylene jerry cans for chemical is selected due to several considerations. Material compatibility is the main consideration. But, it is not only that. There are other considerations that should be decided carefully when selecting appropriate polyethylene jerry cans design used for chemical packaging. [Read more…]

Cooling Water Treatment Principles and Practice By Colin Frayne

Amazon ImageCooling water is very important cooling media for every chemical processing plant. It is used in many cooling processes; machine cooling, heat recovery, reactor cooling, barometric condenser and other important cooling processes.

Understanding the core principles and practices of cooling water treatment is the key to having excellent skills and knowledge in operating and maintaining cooling system. Corrosion inhibition, cooling water quality, chemicals used for cooling water treatment and make up water pre-treatment processes are some of topics that needs to be mastered.

A book titled Cooling Water Treatment Principles and Practice by Colin Frayne is good reference book for every chemical engineer, utility engineer and cooling water treatment professional who want to master cooling water treatment field.

The book is an excellent resource that only focus on cooling water treatment principles and practice. Cooling Water Treatment Principles and Practice by Colin Frayne is highly recommended.

In the Chapter 7 and 8, the writer describes how to sell, buy and select cooling water treatment programs. This is practicable and I like this topic.

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How To Install Ball Valve Lockout

Ball valve lockoutAmazon Image is required by OSHA (1910.147) in order to isolate an equipment or machine from liquid or gas flow before it is repaired or overhauled. Ball valve lockout is installed to avoid miss operation or unintended operation of the ball valve.

Unintended operation of ball valve can cause serious problems from fire, severe chemical exposure to explosion. These problems will lead to people injury and death, and property damage. In this case, ball valve lockout is of importance to avoid such problems.

The following video will remind on how important ball valve lockout and tagout is.

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Single Drum Spill Containment Pallet

Dixie modular single-drum spill pallet
Chemical spill is a major potential risk when you use hand pump to withdraw chemical from a drum. By changing chemical packaging from drum to jerry can or small packaging, the problem will be overcame. But, if it is impossible, single drum spill containment pallet will be your best solution.

Single drum spill containment pallet is a special pallet that is designed to have ability to contain liquid spill from drum due to unloading operation by hand pump or drum leakage.

Single drum spill containment pallet helps you comply with more tight environment regulation in regard with hazardous chemical spill or contamination.

Dixie modular single-drum spill pallet is a single drum spill containment pallet. It has perfect features as a containment spill pallet.

What makes Dixie spill containment pallet is a good product? Let’s see its main features to answer this question. [Read more…]

How To Prevent Hand And Finger Injuries In The Workplace

hand and finger injuries in the workplace
In 1987, there were 320,000 hand and finger injuries in the workplace in the US. Meanwhile, recent report taken from states that there were 110,000 lost time due to hand injuries annually.

Despite those bad statistics, principally hand and finger injuries in the workplace are preventable. As long as you follow working procedure, instruction and  safety best practices, and wear the right PPE, you don’t need to worry about.

You must ensure that you know exactly how to prevent it before doing any job that has possibility to injure either your hand or your finger. [Read more…]

Top 5 Solid Resources on Hazardous Area Classifications and Definitions

hazardous area classifications and definitions
This article is written to give comprehensive resources about hazardous area classifications and definitions. This area is very important in the matter of safety.

Good understanding on hazardous area classifications definitions is essentially important. Every chemical engineer should know about this area in well enough. You should know every inch in the plant site that is classified as hazardous area.

Hazardous Area Classification and definitions in every plant site can be known from engineering documents about the plant facilities. In general, it is included in Electrical section in engineering documents or sometime in safety section.

As per definition, hazardous area is area in plant site, where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or dusts exist. [Read more…]

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