Ball Valve vs Gate Valve

ball valve vs gate valve
Ball valve and gate valve have different construction, usage, advantages and disadvantages.

Having ability to know the difference between ball valve vs gate valve is very important. It is because you can clearly understand which valve you should select.

The following table of ball valve vs gate valve shows comparison between ball valve and gate valve features. [Read more...]

10 Buying Tips for Pallet Jack With Adjustable Forks

pallet jack with adjustable forks
Pallet jack is an important tool for moving heavy object from one place to another easily and safely in a chemical plant or manufacturing plant. Pallet jack with adjustable forks are ones that have forks with adjustable width.

Pallet jack with adjustable forks provide more flexibility in moving operation by which we can move object with various widths. This means that we do not have to provide standard pallet size to match with pallet fork width.

Pallet jack with adjustable forks eliminate the need of several pallet jacks with different fork widths.

However, we have to take care before buying any pallet jack with adjustable forks. There are several things we need to consider before making any buying decision. [Read more...]

Steam Trap Best Practices

steam trap best practices
Steam trap holds an important role in steam distribution system. It keeps steam quality high by removing steam condensate from the system.

To meet high performance of steam trap, there are several factors to be considered such as steam trap selection, location, piping configuration, installation and maintenance.

Failed to do best efforts will end at low performance of steam distribution; energy loss, poor steam quality, water hammer and loss of steam.

The followings are steam trap best practices that can help you make your best efforts on selection, choosing location, piping configuration, installation and maintenance for steam trap. [Read more...]

Cost Reduction Ideas in Companies

cost reduction ideas in companies
This article is talking about cost reduction ideas in companies. It will tell you how you can find ideas to reduce cost in your company.

In ideal condition, cost reduction program should be initiated from the first commercial operation of a company. In case of your company is seeking new ways to improve its profitability, cost reduction becomes a must. It is brought to make your company survive in the competition.

Of course it is not easy to find cost reduction ideas in companies. Everybody, I think, will say the same words. However, if you do not get started, you will never find them at all. So, the keyword is to start seeking an idea even it is small thing.

Never underestimate small idea. Believe me that once you progress with that idea, you will see that there are actually sea of ideas surrounds you. There are millions of cost reduction opportunities in your company as long as you have strong intention to find them.

Benchmarking for Faster Cost Reduction Ideas in Companies

Amazon ImageI like to do benchmarking since it is a lot easier to come up with new idea. Talk to your Neighbor Company or similar company to get started. That’s very easy to do. Ask them what they have done so far.

I have implemented several cost reduction programs just from benchmarking. It works! And now I am a fan of this method not only for seeking cost reduction ideas in companies but also for improving every aspects of company operation.

Again Learn from Others

There are many sources of ideas you can find for seeking cost reduction ideas in companies. One of them is to learn from free magazine that is written by an expert in their field. The expert has practiced what they are talking about. See one case study on “How to Reduce Labor Costs by Optimizing Facility Cleaning Operations“.

To get that copy of that case study, you can request it for free here.

Find More Cost Reduction Ideas in Companies

As you are progressing one idea, more idea will come to your head. Believe me that it is true. That’s what was happened to me in the last two years.

Skanda Kumarasingam has written a good presentation about 94 cost reduction ideas in companies and how to improve profitability.

Let’s see his presentation below.


Nothing will happen if you read this article and doing something similar as you did yesterday. Take action now!

Just follow one tip from the above things I said to you. This is the only way to find cost reduction ideas in companies. No else.

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