20 Tips for Good Warehouse Management Practices

how to manage warehouse in a better way
Warehouse holds one important role in every business operation including in chemical manufacturing plant. It is because good warehouse management will make sure customer satisfaction fulfilment by company.

Production process, product quality and finished goods delivery will have no problem as long as good warehouse management practices are always done in proper ways.

There will be no delay delivery or production process interruption due to lack of finished goods or unavailable raw materials. Good warehouse management practices help company to run its business smoothly.

As a warehouse manager, you are required to apply good warehouse management practices into your daily job. The following tips will help you managing warehouse in a better and efficient way.

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4 Drum Spill Containment Pallet Review

4 drum spill containment pallet
4 drum spill containment pallet is a perfect choice for avoid chemical spills to the soil and water body directly. Drums that are used as chemical storage potentially can contaminate soil and water if drums are leakage due to corrosion or by other causes. With tighter environment regulation and chemical cost increase, 4 drum spill containment pallet is absolutely important.

Regular plastic pallet cannot protect chemical leakage from spill over to the soil and water. Only drum with containment pallet can do.

4 drum spill containment pallet can also be used as regular pallet for moving drums from one place to another. Continue reading

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Magliner Hand Trucks Review

This article will review Magliner hand trucks. Hand trucks are moving equipments that are commonly used for moving many kinds of goods. You can use this for moving documents to spare-parts.

Magliner has released many hand trucks with several options that can be selected to meet your needs. Magliner hand trucks will help you fulfill your hand trucks needs.

In general, there are two kinds of Magliner hand trucks, i.e. convertible hand trucks and nonconvertible hand trucks. Convertible Magliner hand trucks can be used horizontally or vertically when it brings load.

Nonconvertible Magliner hand trucks can only be used vertically. Please look at the image below to see both Magliner hand trucks types.

magliner hand trucks

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Measuring Absolute Temperature Made Easy

Michigan-based k-Space is one of the leaders in developing thin-film analysis tools. Last month, the company announced the launch of a new product, kSA Spectra Temp. kSA Spectra Temp is a one of a kind instrument that is able to fine tune on its own and deliver absolute temperature measurements.

Normally, absolute temperatures are very challenging to capture. With this new tool, however, it will be possible to obtain absolute temperature in an instance, says k-Space CEO D. Barlett. The new instrument does not require immediate contact to deliver temperature measurements; it is optically based and can assess temperatures of various semiconductors (wafers, metals, ceramics, and many others). Continue reading

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Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Mixers for Powder Blending

A common process in a number of industries—from food and pharmaceuticals to minerals and chemicals—is to blend or mix together powder ingredients.

When this is a required process, then it is important to choose the right mixer. This can seem like a daunting process as there are a number of different choices that need to be made. Use the following helpful tips to ensure that you make the right decision for your needs. Continue reading

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How To Clean Safety Shoes

how to clean safety shoes
Safety shoes is one of the most important personal protective equipment used by every worker in the workplace. In chemical plant where liquid
chemical spills, wet floor, gravel, soil and dust exist, safety shoes is likely to be easy to get dirt.

So, chemical plant operators and engineers need to clean their safety shoes more frequent than office workers.

How to clean safety shoes requires almost same procedure with leather shoes. What you need to do this is a soft brush, leather shoes cleaner, shoes polish and dry cloth. Continue reading

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